Saturday, February 17, 2007

remind me ...

... to take a pic of how disgusting my infected thumb looks.

... to bring the golf balls that are in my bedroom down to my truck, where my golf bag is, so I will have plenty to hit into the boonies when I play tomorrow, in just about 12 hours.

... to tell you about this one time, at band camp ...

... why I'm still here.

... why you're still here ever since I became a lame, sucky non-regularly posting blogger.

... to wonder, with a deja-vu type of hazy flashback, whether or not I've ever watched "Memento."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

miscellania ...

... OK, the reason the bullets didn't looked messed up in the sidebar was that right after I posted that they were all screwed up, my anal-retentive tendencies kicked in and I HAD to fix them, so I did.

Just wondering ...

• For Pete's sake, who the hell is Pete?

• For the love Mike, who the fuck is Mike?

• Who is Jehosaphat, and why is he jumping?

• Just how lazy was Susan?

• Did Irene have a good night?

Anyone know? Bueller ... Bueller ... Bueller ...

Oh yes ... and the early HNT, so Terry doesn't start jonesing ...

and though it's hard to tell, that's an adhesive bandage on my thumb (self-extracted hangnail) ... I am VERY close to being the color they talk about when they name something "flesh-colored" ... heh

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I have been assimilated ...

I finally was forced over to the "new" Blogger. No more opportunities to skip past something or ignore ... just enter your information and click.

I actually tried to migrate a while back and it wouldn't let me, ostensibly because my blog was too big ... kinda like me! ;)

Forced change ... bleah

So this being Valentine's Day (well, it was here ... guess it is there now), and me having little life and no love interests or possibilities, I did the next best thing ... offered myself up as babysitter to R & S, to watch my godsons, so they could enjoy an evening out sans children.

It wasn't too big a deal — the boys already had their McDonald's and all we did was sit around and watch a DVD (Home Alone 2) and then some TV. R & S were only gone about three hours ... just enough time to enjoy Rotary Sushi. They had planned to watch a movie too, but I guess the line to get into the restaurant so they missed the start time, but at least they got out of the house on V Day without having to deal with the kids underfoot(feet?).

And hey; it was time with my godsons.

May your invented-and-sustained-by-the-conglomerate-candy-flower-and-card-industries fake holiday be filled with the commercial onslaught of crap!!


OK, I just noticed that "new and improved" Blogger doesn't like any of my bullets or punctuation in my sidebar, the fuckers. I'll get around to fixing it sometime, I suppose.

Also, that fun little code to hide/delete the top bar is gone or has changed, so it's up there now.

I hate them ... with the burning passion of a thousand dying suns!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

no dead yet ...

it's hard to keep coming up with posts when:
• your life is pretty much routine.

• nothing new is going on.

• you're playing lots of World of Warcraft.

guess I coulda posted about the $1700 I won at a poker tourney last week, though I had a backer and so only took home about $670.

coulda talked about a possible job shift to a different position, but at the same paper.

or of the need to move but the inability to do so, at least so far, though preparations are well underway, if/when it becomes possible/probable.

maybe even some general ranting, bemoaning, complaining or observant critical analysis.

hell, I could could have even continued with the month of love crap.

but I did none of that.

Got ennui?