Thursday, March 01, 2007

things actually got done today ...

• All my work for day, and early to boot.

• Four loads of laundry, almost all of it heavy stuff like jeans.

• Dinner cooked and eaten.

• Fan cleaned.

• Air conditioner cleaned.

• Toilet cleaned.

... and maybe I'll even get around to folding that laundry and putting it away ... heh

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

brief update ...

I'm just waiting around for one more thing to get taken care of before I can head home -- well, to the grocery store first -- for the night.

I even took the time to get some advance stuff knocked out of the way, but basically I'm just sitting around waiting for this one thing.

So, lucky you, you guys get a brief update.

• Bought pants yesterday. Wore them today. Zipper broke 1 hour into work. Returning pants after work (changed at lunch).

• Bought shirt yesterday. It has performed admirably well. Keeping it (duh).

• Hatred and disgust with political figures has only escalated over the past two days.

• Really, REALLY need to do laundry tomorrow afternoon. I hate it. Bleah!

• Think I'm gonna try a new Italian place tonight ... thinking chicken Fracaise and penne a la vodka.

• OK ... boss is back ... hopefully outta here soon ...