Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve ...

... and getting ready to head over to my godsons' house for the traditional thing.

Tons of amazing food, including homemade pies and cream puffs.

Tons of presents and toys. It's a madhouse. You think I'm exaggerating, but you have NO idea.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three days and counting ...

Christmas is approaching at warp speed, it seems.

I find myself vacillating between not being able to wait until it gets here to not being able to wait until it's over and done with.

From the commercial/social side, I have all my shopping done except for two people, who I plan to take care of today. Wrapping of all the gifts will be done tonight.

Does anyone else sometimes worry or have anxiety over what others will get them for Christmas? Perhaps there have been too many instances of "Really? This is what he/she/they thought I wanted/would like?"

To be fair, there also have been many instances in which gifts to me were "perfect" ... or at least suitable and apt.

From my end, I used to delight in examining a person in my mind's eye, their likes and preferences, their needs and wants, their style and personality in determining what present to get for them at Christmas. A vast majority of the time, I succeeded. I know when I put thought into it and make an effort, I usually succeed in doing a very good job at gifting.

But now I rarely do that, at least not for all the people on my list. This year, for example, the vast majority of people to whom I will be giving presents will be getting gift cards. Well, that's the main part of the gift. The trick I do now is getting a few little things to accompany the gift card. For example, one woman will get a few small bottles of Bailey's, as I know it's her preferred alcoholic beverage. Kids will get candy and little toys together with their gift cards, some other women will get fine chocolate (Godiva, usually).

Not to say they aren't appreciative. Every one that will get a gift card will get one to a vendor they frequent and enjoy, whether that be Macy's, Home Depot (the guys, duh!) or Game Stop (kids can't get enough video games and accessories!)

But maybe next year I'll break this recent pattern and go back to being more of a "Jingle George," like I was in the past. Then again, maybe I won't. I guess it just depends how much more Christmas-y I feel in 2012.