Thursday, December 20, 2007

the grinch has struck ...

I have zero Christmas spirit this year.


A week till Dec. 25 and I have bought one present.

I haven't written or addressed any Christmas cards.

I'm seriously considering doing most of my shopping at the gas station convenience store, which has a rack filled with various gift cards.

I have hung no decorations or lights.

My miniature, fiber-optic lighted Christmas tree is in a box somewhere.

I haven't been this apathetic about the holiday since the diaspora of high school.

Christmas carols and songs aren't doing anything for me.

I haven't been to a mall or big store in weeks and weeks, so decorations and sales have done nothing for me.

Brightly lit homes with yard ornaments do nothing.

It's that not I'm all Scrooge-bah-humbug or anything like that.

I'm just not feeling it this year.

Not at all; not in the slightest.

Not even "Love Actually" has managed to stir any yuletide cheer.

Nor has the Christmas theme running through WOW at the moment.