Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh you bitch and other meanderings ...

• It's just plain mean when you comment on someone's blog about the fact that you're making pot roast and potatoes when you know full well how much that person LOVES homemade pot roast and potatoes.

• It sucks when Blizzard tells you that there will be only rolling restarts instead of extended maintenance, which is supposed to mean only 20 minutes of down time, and then later comes back and tells you they need to do three hours of maintenance. Assbandits!!

• I'm hungry ... it's gonna either be roast beef sammich, turkey sammich, roast beef and turkey sammich, tuna fish sammich, or hot chicken noodle soup with peanut butter sammiches to dunk into soup. Or pop tarts. Or frozen toaster waffles.

• Politicians -- at pretty much every level -- suck major ass.

• I sooooo need to see the Will Ferrell figure skating movie!

• Ooh! Almost forgot that I had Golden Crisp cereal!

• Ugh ... at least another hour till WOW's servers come back up ... Fucking Bleah!™

recent highlights ...

Sumptous dinner:
• Duckstein lager

• Tapas platter (shared appetizer) — Genoa salami and prosciutto, sliced thin; fine Italian cheese; marinated olives; garlic sauteed shrimp with creamy dipping sauce; sauteed vegetables.

• Garlic-sauteed mushrooms covered in cheese, baked onto perfectly toasted bread.

• Fettucine in a creamy pesto sauce with sliced chicken.

• Creme brulee.

• Coffee.
Oh yeah, it was a fucking gooooood dinner!

• A little bit of work.

• A lot of World of Warcraft.

• Golf — me and S both played horribly, in large part due to the glacial pace ... we ended up only playing nine holes, because it took us 3 hours to play that!

• Big, sloppy Triple Whopper with cheese.

• WOW (of course)

• A brief stint in the office to straighten out payroll.

• Waffles laden with syrup for a late dinner.

• The highlight of my day ... a pineapple-coconut milkshake after lunch ... yummy!