Friday, December 01, 2006

it's friday night ...

I'm not out.

I'm not partying.

I'm not relaxing and watching TV.

I'm not even playing World of Warcraft ... though I should be in a couple hours or less.

What am I doing with the start of my weekend?




I need to write two editorials, for Sunday and Monday, as well as a regular feature I do during Christmas season -- called "Jingle George" (cute, huh?). I have about 5 columns to read and edit, as well as about 7 letters to the editor.

Oh well ... this will free up several hours on my Saturday, which starts in an hour and a half, and then Sunday I'm already looking forward to playing golf with my pare', my godson, and my co-worker C.

Any big plans for your Friday night?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

yowza ...

I'm generally not this far behind with my Christmas stuff.

• I have all my cards, but now can't find the two sheets of Christmas stamps I bought a few weeks ago. The room will be torn apart later tonight.

• I have about 5 presents taken care of, but still many to go.

• I think I'm set for wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc. But I have a hard time resisting adding to my voluminous cache of supplies.

• I put up my door decorations and little tree setup last night.

Hmm .. maybe I'm not as far behind as I think I am ... but am just worrying and stressing about it more than usual.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

giving you head ...

You know you want it.

You crave it.

You want me to show you a peek of the head.

No; not a peek ...

... you want to see it all.

In its full, NAKED AND HARD glory.

Here it is ...

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!! ... that's one scarred skull, huh?

Got into a lot of fights when I was a kid ... and a little later.

Click on the pic to get a closer view ... check out the earlobes ... tufts of fuzzy hair ... I'm hoping I don't get to be that middle-aged man with the super hairy ears ... ugh!

To find out more about Half-Nekkid Thursday,
check out the link, baby:


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

one-worded meme ...

A meme designed to be answered in one word, stolen from the ever-horny Madame X

Describe ...

1. Yourself: Huge

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): Non-existent

3. Your hair: Shaven

4. Your mother: Motherly

5. Your father: Remembered

6. Your favorite item: Putter

7. Your dream last night: Fragmented

8. Your favorite drink: Coffee

9. Your dream car: Bugati

10. The room you are in: Bedroom

11. Your ex: (CENSORED)

12. Your fear: Failure

13. What you want to be in 10 years? Wealthy

14. Who you hung out with last night? Nobody

15. What You're Not? Svelte

16. Muffins: Blueberry

17. One of your wish list items: G5

18. Time: Immaterial

19. The last thing you did: Shat

20. What you are wearing: Clothing

21. Your favorite weather: Cool

22. Your favorite book: Tolkien

23. The last thing you ate: Hotdog

24. Your life: Pedantic

25. Your mood: Ambivalent

26. Your best friend: Absent

27. What are you thinking about right now? Work

28. Your car (it's a truck): Old

29. What are you doing at the moment? Waiting

30. Your summer: Unmemorable

31. Your relationship status: Null

32. What is on your TV? Football

33. What is the weather like? Hot

34. When is the last time you laughed? Midnight

Monday, November 27, 2006

small little changes ...

• for the Christmas season, Devil DZER has been replaced by Santa DZER in my avatar.

• as a matter of cleaning things up a little bit and getting rid of old stuff, the sidebar links have been slimmed down.

• to correct broken links, the sidebar links have been updated.

• the white colors have been changed to slightly off-white.

bleah ...

Stunk it up on the golf course Sunday. I actually started off rather solid, for me, managing back-to-back bogeys. But then everything went south. I couldn't put anything consistent together and hit a LOT of bad shots.

I normally shoot in the low 90s at Admiral Nimitz Golf Course, and have shot in the high 80s several times. This time, I think I finished with a 105 or so. Ouch.

Oh well ... a bad day on the golf course beats a good day almost anywhere else.

Back to a full work week starting in about 8 hours or so. It was so relaxing and nice being off three straight days after the weekend, then working on Thanksgiving for just a few hours.


I need to hit a big lottery jackpot so I can not HAVE to work ever again. I'm very good at being shiftless and lazy.

I've been planning to get my Christmas shopping started each of the last three evenings, and instead have stayed home and watched TV, DVDs and, of course, played World of Warcraft. I have a cute little female gnome warrior who also is a blacksmith and I've been leveling her pretty steadily, not wanting to get my elf druid too far ahead of My Favorite Person's elf hunter while she's been road-tripping for the Thanksgiving holidays.

So, I'm still behind and will need to get started this week.

Oh ... and Christmas cards will be going out this week. If you've sent me your address, you should be getting one from me over the next several weeks, depending on where you live -- foreign destinations take a lot longer, I've found.

Hope your weekends were good!