Saturday, October 08, 2005

Some more Guam pics ...

By the way ... click on the pics to see a bigger, more detailed version.
This is the non-freaked out version of the late afternoon sun over the Pacific Ocean, shot from the shoreline near the Fish Eye Marine Park.
This is Fish Eye Aquarium. As you can see, it extends out into the waters of Piti, near the Piti Bomb Holes, a popular dive site. There were worries this thing would be a disaster that killed diving in the area, but because the fish are routinely fed here, and because it's a marine preserve with no fishing allowed,the fish have flourished, providing divers with lots of species to see. There's also an outfit here run by a poker buddy of mine that allows you to walk underwater with a big plastic bubble helmet so you don't have to get scuba certification to get the underwater experience.

They also have special programs so that young children, the elderly and even the physically handicapped — including wheelchair-bound individuals — can experience the undersea wonders of Guam. Pretty cool, huh?
This is a park located near my office, the Plaza De España. Back in the 1700s and 1800s, this was the seat of the Spanish government in Hagåtña. Nice place for a walk, and they light it up with tons of lights during the Christmas holidays. I'll make sure I post pics of that.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• There is evidence that the Chinese may have been the first nation to "discover" Guam, and not Ferdinand Magellan on behalf of Spain. That's not revisionist history; that's finally looking beyond the eurocentric view of world history.

manipulated sunset ...

Was messing around with the levels on this one and liked the effect. Kind of looks like the sun shining at night; it has an eerie, spooky feel.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Time for more jealousy/envy ...

... because this is what I get to see driving around during lunch running errands. What views do YOU get when you're doing errands? Heh!

They're clearing out some land in Tamuning, beach-side. A month or so ago, I wouldn't have been able to take this pic (from the road, where I stopped LOL), but they've stripped away the boondocks. Word has it that it will be a wedding chapel type of place, with a focus on the Japanese wedding market. There already is a similar type chapel down the road. The view is great, and gets better at dusk, because you get the sun setting over the ocean.

East Agana Bay, as shot from Paseo de Susanna. Check out the little swirls of clouds. Ain't it purty?

A little bit of shade on the other side of East Agana Bay, almost opposite of the top picture.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

for strong stomachs only!!

The odds are, you weren't expecting this kind of pic on this blog.

It's a contribution to/participation in Half Nekkid Thursday.

Yes, I'm a big fat man, and fat guys should never be even partially nekkid.

It's an assault on the general sensibility of the public.

Nevertheless, here it is.

If you don't want to see it, do not scroll further down.

At least I'm nice enough not to just hit you with it when you opened this thing.

Last chance.

Abandon hope, all ye who scroll down ...

there are air sickness bags located to the left and right of your computer

Asan Beach Park in the late afternoon ..

Asan Beach Park is a national park located on the coast of Guam.
It was the main landing point when the United States came back and liberated Guam in World War II>
Today, the park is a popular place for family picnics and beachgoers on the weekend.
It's also a popular place for runners/joggers/walkers, early in the day and in the afternoon after work.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• See above =o)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One of those boring, what-I-did-today posts ...

I woke up a little late and got to work a little late, but it was no big deal. It helped that I got a ton of my today work done yesterday.

Morning was chock-full of meetings. The morning news meeting to discuss the day's coverage. Then a senator and a government director and her staff came in to discuss the changes some new legislation will make to a government agency. Help.

After that I had to speed up to the university, where I was a guest speaker at a forum on smoking, to discuss how I was able to quit smoking and stay cigarette free (at least so far). Did some Q&A with interested students (amazingly enough).

Then it was back to the office, with a stopoff to pick up some lunch at one of my favorite coffee houses — a very nice ham and brie cheese sammich, on a french torpedo roll ... yummy-most!! Also had a couple of nice hot cups of tea to go with it, all of it taken back to the office. I like the way the building looks; I need to go back sometime on the weekend to get a better image of it.

Busted out a ton of work in a short time and finished early ... but had to stick around the office waiting to confirm some stuff and then do a minor rewrite.

This was the view on my way to the barber shop to get my head shaved — I'm glad I had my camera along. The razor treatment — he threw in a facial shave for free, along with a nice shoulder massage; God I love those! — was followed by a quick trip to the grocery store for dinner — steak and a nice bagged salad (with added tomatoes and mushrooms).

OK, time for me to get to work on some office stuff I brought home ... including my project plan for Jingle George's 2005 holiday extravaganza of tips, hints, tricks and advice!! Are ya'll as excited as me? Heh. And yes, I'm aware that I look a bit psychotic here. Gadzooks!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam has a higher smoking rate than any other part of the United States: 31.7 percent. The next highest rate is Kentucky, a tobacco-producing state, at 27.4 percent.

How much for that doggy in the window?

I'm being pressed to get my dog this weekend by a certain unnamed person (*cough*Chrissie*cough*).

I'm considering going this weekend to the animal shelter to see if there's a pooch that fits me.

So ... I have this dilemma.

What to name him. Or her.

I'm thinking of "Dog." Or "Bitch." Something simple.

Maybe something retro. "Rover." "Butch." "Fido."

Any suggestions from you jokers?

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Random Guam Fact Of The Day is not available due to technical difficulties (laziness). Please stand by until the next Random Guam Fact Of The Day is scheduled to appear.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am an angry man

There. I said it. I admitted it.

Happy now? And like I give a shit?

Well, I probably do, which is part of why I'm so angry ... all the time. I say I don't care, but I do care. Usually, I care too much. Or I care in a way that's not reciprocated and never will be.

But most people I know don't know that. They don't know any of it. Why should they? Even on the very rare occasions they ask me how I'm doing, how I've been, how I'm feeling ... they don't really CARE. They're asking to be polite, because it's something they're conditioned to do in polite society.

Think about it. The last time you asked someone, "How are you?", all you wanted to hear back is, "Fine. How are you?" You don't want to hear about their problems, their feelings, their trials and tribulations. You just wanted to be nice and ask. And most people just want to do the same with their responses. They don't want to tell you how they really are, how they've really been, how they really feel.

Just once I'd like someone to ask "How are you?" and reply, "I'm angry. I'm angry almost all the time. For a lot of reasons, some of them which I can't really explain because I don't understand myself."

I'm sure the answer would be, "Umm ... OK. Well ... gotta go! Nice seeing you!" ... or something along those lines.

I used to have a lot of friends, or at least people I considered friends. Some of them I even considered close friends. Good friends. Best friends. We'd hang out, we'd do things together, we'd talk often. We celebrated little life moments together, we enjoyed each others' company, we had fun and made many memories. We celebrated each others' accomplishments and good happenings, and we were there for each other in times of trouble, sadness and need.

And now?

I dunno. I have friends, but really, they're more like acquaintances, work friends, people I know. I don't hang out with anyone anymore, not really. I don't do things with other friends. There are still the occasional celebrated events — birthdays and holidays and the like — but that's about it.

People change. They get married or get boyfriends or girlfriends. They move to different locations. They get different jobs. They have children. They build new lives and, in so doing, some of the old life has to go away, or fade away, or otherwise diminish. Your relationship with them changes. Their relationship with you changes. Things change.

I don't think I've changed much. Maybe that's the problem. Staying static while everything else changes is a type of change, a negative change, if you will. Everyone is moving on and moving forward, and I'm stuck in place. Everyone is going somewhere, and I'm going nowhere.

Except that I have changed. I've become more anti-social. I turn down invitations to parties. I don't go along when people want to go out dancing and drinking. I make polite excuses — other plans, I'll see if I can get free, I have a lot of work to do. But it's mostly because I don't like people as much as I used to.

I don't like myself as much as I used to.

Maybe that's what it's all about, what it all comes down to, what it all means.

I don't like the life I have, or don't have. But I don't change it. I don't change me, not really.

And that makes me mad, makes me angry. But what doesn't make me angry? Because it seems like so much does. Like almost everything does.

I'm angry and I'm bitter and I'm disillusioned. I recognize that.

I've been recognizing a lot of things lately. Things have been coming clear to me, or at least more clear. I'm realizing truths and realities that I've denied for too long.

But, for reasons I don't understand, or don't want to understand, I can't accept many of these realizations. Even though I know better, intellectually and logically ... even emotionally. I know why I need and must accept them, but at the same time I can't.

Wow. That was a great way to spend a lunch break.

We now end this sad-sack, self-pitying, wallowing, cringing, bitching, sulking bit of rambling, incoherent blather and self-loathing, attention-seeking crap and return you to our normal blogging programming.

Donations to the whiner can be made by calling 1.800.CRY.BABY.

I am DZER and I paid for this message.

Monday, October 03, 2005

lunch was OK but the view was spectacular

OK, so I go to Tony Roma's for lunch. I go there semi-often because they're close, I get great service, and they serve a decent burger, as well as a tasty chicken sandwich.

Anyway, I'm catching the Monday night game on ESPN, and in walk this young woman, I'd say like 18-21. She's about 5'6" and very thin — that model kinda thin; more pixie-ish or dryad. She's wearing a black miniskirt that extends a good two inches below the bottom curve of her ass — she has to keep pulling it down, as a matter of fact. She has a tiny but shapely ass and very nice legs — she's in 3-inch heels (at least), which make her calves pop. Oh, and she has amazingly hot and sexy ankles and Achilles tendons. Yummy.

On top she's wearing a loose referee shirt — and nothing under it. How can I tell? Because she reaches behind her to tie off the shirt at the bottom, making it fit tighter and exposing a little bit of smooth, flat belly and the small of her back. As she's doing this, the fabric of the shirt tightens over her very small — tiny, even — breasts ... which makes her fully erect nipples stand out nicely against the white stripes of the referee shirt.


God I love breasts and nipples. I love to look at them and imagine my lips, tongue and hands on them. Rubbing them with lotion, oil, cool whip, chocolate sauce, etc. Tweaking, twisting, turning, tickling. Licking, nibbling, sucking, grazing them with my teeth.

*shaking myself*

Anyway, where was I?

OK, so I have this tiny little woman — not usually my type, as when they're too thin I worry I might accidently break them — and her tasty, tantalizing nipples tippling on top of tiny tits to look at. But I can't be rude and obvious and stare right? I will have to settle for stolen glimpses and quick peeks, right?


She sits/leans against a stool at the bar, right in front of the television screen — right between me and the football game. Yes! Free ogling for all the time she's there, and she can't even blame me if she happens to catch me ... after all, I WAS there to watch the game!!


Sometimes, life is good.

Now I'm off to visit some of these needy single mothers I know of, to donate my time, attention and money toward improving their lives. I need to — after that kind of lunch, I need a much more up-close and personal look at titties and nipples ... and naked ones at that.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day
• Guam's strip clubs do not have any kind of non-touching rules. As long as it's OK with the dancer, it's OK with the law. Also, the exotic dancers (heh) here are allowed to get down from the stage. Well, not legally, but it's not like the stripper police are on the prowl.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

ick. ugh. bleah.

I hate being sick. It totally sucks. And it always seems as if it hits me on the weekend. Why can't I be sick during the week when I have to be at work anyway?

Nothing like a couple of days of vomiting up anything and everything I ate, no matter how plain it was. I just love feeling super chilly at one moment, and then all hot and sweaty the next. And who doesn't enjoy it when their entire head feels like it's expanded inside the skull, just waiting to explode.

On top of that, I'm achey. Tweaked my lower back slightly earlier this week, and despite a lot of icing and a visit to the chiro for an adjustment, it's still too stiff and sore. That meant that I couldn't play golf this afternoon. Being sick wouldn't have been so bad if I could have knocked around a golf ball for 18 holes. The fresh air would have done me good, I'm sure.

Instead I spent most of the day lounging in bed, passing in and out of consciousness, taking a variety of cold medicines and headache pills, alternately pulling the covers over me (when chilly) and throwing them off (when hot and sweaty).

Normally, that wouldn't be a bad way to spend a Sunday. But I'm sick. And since I'm a man, that also means I'm whiney and cranky right now. And I have no woman or mom to take care of me, so it sucks even more ... even though I know that if I did have woman here, the odds of her actually pampering me and taking care of me are very low.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Chamorro word for sick is "malangu."