Tuesday, October 07, 2008

octoberishness ...

... remember how much you used to look forward to halloween, like when you were a kid? as soon as October hit, it's pretty much all I could think about when I was a child. you got to dress up and get a shitload of candy. i guess it was a bigger deal way back then, when there were only like, I dunno, 15 types of candy? now there are bazillions. also, candy was a rare treat in the george household when i was growing up.

i loved getting root beer barrels. and bottle caps. and smarties. and the real, normal-sized candybars (those were SO rare). hershey's minis were a winner too.

tootsie rolls weren't too bad either.

wasn't a big fan of peppermint candy or butterscotch hard candies, though i'd eat 'em. just not a big hard-candy fan, with the exception of the root beer barrels because ... well, hell — they were ROOT BEER!

didn't like the lifesavers too much either, or the lifesaver lollipops, or any kind of lollipop, really.

i never got, and still don't get, the gum in the lollipop ones. you lick/suck/crunch away the hard candy to get to the gum, but there were always shards of the hard lollipop left over. bleah!

i remember scoring when my siblings got the hershey's special dark, cuz they didn't like it. same way i scored on Easter — i was the only one who liked black jellybeans until the savage came along. but he ate pretty much anything — warm sodas, mustard straight from the bottle, cold soup from the can, etc.

my mom made most of our costumes way back when. we would jealously watch the other kids in their full store-bought costumes while we were in homemade funky costumes ... like the masked hobo i was one year ... plaid pants, ugly shirt, cape and robber "mask." though looking back now, it wasn't so bad .. until you see the picture. I have it somewhere. no, i'm not looking for it.

halloween as partying young man was cool too. lotsa drinking. better, more fun costumes. chicks dressing up as sluts because it was the only time they could.

winning a costume contest dressed up like a Domme biker in a strip club ... only it was just what i chose to wear that night and not a planned costume ... heh.

trick or treat, bitches

Monday, October 06, 2008

stream of conciousness ...

... there really needs to be an IQ test for people who enter the drive-through at fast food restaurants. I sat behind someone tonight who spent 6 minutes ordering ... and when she got to the payment window, made not one additional purchase, but two. and the fucking idiot cashier let her.

... I hate companies that take action on a late Friday afternoon/night, just late enough so nothing can be done ... and then giving you the whole weekend to be frustrated about them being closed so they can't address the issue until Monday.

... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!