Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey Stealth!!

You need to add me woman, so I can once again see your blog!!

New aircon ...

So my air conditioner finally went kaput on Sunday. It started making loud noises on a frequent basis and refused to cool the room. In fact, it got stuck on 88 degrees Farenheit; my non-air-conditioned rooms were cooler than my bedroom!

I was able to sleep for just 4 hours or so as a result; it's difficult to sleep while sweating in the heat plus the lovely Guam humidity.

So Monday meant a lunch hour spent driving to Home Depot in a crazy downpour and loading the thing into my trunk. After work I had just about a half hour to lug it upstairs, unbox it, take the old air conditioner out of the hole, then set up the new unit so I could be ready for my World of Warcraft raid.

That left me sore and hurting (it was pretty heavy, as was the old one, and I did it all myself) and sweaty, but at least my bedroom is once again cool. Heck, with the rainy weather out right now, it's actually chilly and cold!

Hello comforter!!