Thursday, July 26, 2007

nothing much happening ...

... work's getting a little stressful, which will only increase for next several weeks.

... the dog thing doesn't look good.

... focusing on my druid in WOW, trying to get back the hundreds in gold spent in a short time, knocking out quests and getting rep so I can run heroics.

... yes, I realize the vast majority of you have no clue what I wrote in the previous point.

... won several hundred dollars last night in poker ... woot!

... got a new computer.

... my old computer may be totally fucked, which means I'm totally fucked, because I'm stupid and backed up almost none of it.

... was issued a Treo at work ... can now surf the net, check e-mail, take and send photos from almost anywhere.

... recently got a 2-gig thumb drive -- More memory that my first couple of computers. And sooooo teeny.

... Beef Curry Don is one of the best microwave meals ever ... and Beef Yakiniku Don is pretty much just as good.

... I think I will buy some new sneaks in the next few days.

... new tatt coming up soon as well, I think.

... ice cream sammiches are the best ice cream treat you can get from a store.

... time for chocolate chunk cookies ... dunked in milk, naturally.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

a quick little update ...

... coming off what was (mostly) a three-day weekend. Saturday was Liberation Day for Guam, marking the day when U.S. forces landed to reclaim the island from 2-1/2 years of Japanese occupation during World War II, so I had Friday (mostly) off. Spent a big chunk of that time -- what else -- World of Warcraft.

... Sunday was spent with the godson, S and C playing golf. I had a horrible front nine but did good on the back. I need to spend much more time working on my putting ... I could have easily broken 90 if I had made a few short putts.

... I hear Hermione is killed and Harry then kills Voldemort. Haven't read it, don't plan to, but that's what I hear. Heh.

... Big project coming up at work ... bleah ... annual thing with all the top managers. Gonna have to bust my ass to catch up on some stuff.

... Also got to write something up for the newspaper outside of my normal stuff. Was supposed to do the interview Thursday but couldn't get in touch with the guy, so I will have to cram it all in Monday.

... No word on the dacshund; I think the guy might have given them all away already. :(

... time for dinner ... Chef Boyardee Ravioli!