Saturday, February 03, 2007

all love, all the time ...

In honor of this being February, which features the made-up holiday of Valentine's Day, in honor of some crazy priest who was beheaded, all of my posts this month will focus on LOVE.

• iPod love song of the day: "Victim of Love," by The Eagles.

• Featured lyric: "Victim of love, I see a broken heart,/And I could be wrong, but I'm not, no I'm not/Victim of love, we're not so far apart/Show me, what kind of love have you got?"

• Love memory of the day: Getting no Valentine's Day cards in 4th grade.

• Sappy romantic comedy that would never happen in real life of the day: "When Harry Met Sally."

• Love quote of the day: "Love is the profoundest of secrets. Divulged, even to the beloved, it is no longer Love." -- Henry David Thoreau

Friday, February 02, 2007

it's freaking february ...


black history month.

lots of dead presidents.

valen-fucking-tine's fucking day.

fucking bleah.

oh yeah ... and the late early HNT from Guam ...

... half-nekkid neck ...

Monday, January 29, 2007

what there was of the weekend ...

... of course, a lot of World of Warcraft. Did you expect anything else?

... covering the bulk of a shift of a freelancer who's now coaching. I hate having to find replacements; the process is a bitch.

... some generous amounts of sleeping.

... a few movies on DVD watched.

... golf with S and the godson at a course different from our normal one. The new driver is still magical. Tried out some used graphite-shafted irons that I think I will buy. Godson is getting better at hammering the ball off the tee; he even had a few that ended up being better than the ones S or I hit -- not as long, but straight and in the fairway. LOL

... fretting over a Monday work meeting that turned out not to be as bad or reaming as I had imagined it would be. This ALWAYS is a good thing.

Boring ... but did you actually expect any different?