Monday, May 28, 2007

wow has it been almost a week?

• Still lingering effects from that cold, which went strong for like 4 days ... I think I'll be sick forever.

• Seems as if more and more people are giving up blogging, taking breaks or just plain disappeared (or moved and didn't tell me). Some time soon I will update the sidebar ... deleting the blog links that are gone; but I will leave up the ones that are there but just not posting, at least for a while. The DZERettes will stay up, but I think I will just take the links off the disappeared ones ... oh, and add a couple DZERettes who shoulda been added a long time ago but have been overlooked by their lazy DZER.

• Slow work day today ... the days that are holidays for everyone else but not for us just seem to draaaaaaaaaaag.

• It's laundry time again ... ai adai!

• Also, it's afternoon meeting time ... bye!