Saturday, January 20, 2007

the belated bday party ...

Me, R&S and D (co-worker/friend) went out to dinner -- a few days late, but the only time our schedules permitted -- at Manhattan Steakhouse, a fine dining establishment in the local Marriott.

WARNING: If you're hungry, skip this part of the post!!

I started with these little succulent crabcakes, with a creamy dipping sauce that was simply divine and a shade piquant.

Next up was lobster bisque, with a puff pastry crust over the top. Oh. My. God. Tasty most.

The main course was garlic steak, a filet mignon with a garlic coating, grilled up perfectly to medium rare, served with sides of mashed potatoes, crispy onion strings and these sautee'd mushrooms that were little taste explosions.

I also got to sample some king crab legs with a thermidor sauce, as well as a taste of a New York strip encrusted in peppercorns, liberally doused with a mildly spice peppercorn sauce.

Dessert was a chocolate cake (a bit dry), this filo-dough layered stacked thing with a creamy spread and fresh strawberries, which was a little stale.

So, in short, appetizer to entree was mucho delicioso, while the desserts were a letdown. Coffee was good though!

Here's me after dinner, expounding on some bullshit. The person shooting was experimenting with different settings, hence the old-photo effect.

Oh ... and the loot:

• A DVD of "Blood In, Blood Out," one of my all-time faves ... Vatos Locos forever, ese!!

• Several packs of Velocitee™ brand golf tees, the ones I used for so long until I couldn't find them anymore. S saw them at the Wal-Mart in Hawaii ... that thoughtful bastard!

• A George Foreman grill ... I had told D my old one had pretty much broken down from overusage and he hooked me up.

• The big present from R&S was a big one ... a Callaway Big Bertha Titanium driver ... woot! Those two are TOO good to me sometimes!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

the HNT ... late as usual, by Guam standard ...

Can you smell what the Deeze is cookin'?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the birthday update ...

Since a few of you have expressed the desire for more details and what-not of my birthday happenings and presents/loot and what-not, I thought I’d indulge you.

People who remembered my birthday (on or before my birthday) this year:
• Mom
Chrissie (aka My Favorite Person)
• My brother, the Savage
• My male’ and pare’ (parents of my godchildren)

Cards received for my birthday this year
• One mailed card (from Mom)
• One e-mailed card (from Chrissie)

Presents from others thus far:
• The fabulous cleavage photo featured further down the page, from the ever-delicious and frequently mentioned Chrissie.
• A cool Huskers giant coin bank from my Mom.

That's pretty much it, though I haven't been to my mailbox in a week or so, so there's a chance there's another card or two there.

Oh, and R & S, together with another co-worker friend, will be taking me out for a birthday dinner on Friday evening, so there will be a couple of gifts there too.

What I bought myself:
• 20-inch flat screen (not flat panel) RCA television.
• Home theater system.
• The expansion pack for World of Warcraft — The Burning Crusade.
• A lapdance.

There ya go!

Monday, January 15, 2007

'nuff said ...

Its That Time of Year...

Happy Birthday Dzer!!

Anyone else wantin to give the big guy a gift... remember his fav color is sheer!

Yeah so... *I* couldnt find anything sheer... so this will have to do!

Yes... I am aware I need sun AND crunchies!

Love you!