Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the long tuesday ...

Ever have one of those super-busy days, where you have all this extra stuff you have to jam in with you regular day? That was my Tuesday.

On top of my normal job, which includes conceiving and writing an editorial, editing national and local columns and letters, then putting it all on a page with other elements, as well as managing a staff of copy editors (not to mention the routine things like checking, replying to and verifying e-mail, dealing with phone calls, etc., I got to:

• Write a story for another section.

• Go to a long lunchtime meeting for a big offsite project, including updating my presentation and doing a dry run of the presentation.

• Assign the wire section and lay out the main wire page, as one of my staffers is on vacation.

• Had to go to another meeting later.

• And a buncha other stuff.

To top it all off, the WOW server will be down all the rest of the night and into the early morning ... *sigh*