Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a new post ... finally

Stunning, no?

Well, I can't blame the lack of posting and failure to read blogs on World of Warcraft. Yes, I have played it a bunch since my last post, but no more than normal.

I've just been in a state of ennui, pretty much, plus not all that much has been going on, at least nothing all that different from normal.

Some of the stuff that has happened:

• The mother of my godsons had another baby last week ... I was gonna go see her and him at lunch today, but had a bit of a cold or something, and didn't want to risk getting the baby sick, so I'll have to wait a day or so.

• My mom is going under a round of radiation treatment as a follow to the removal of a lump recently. Doctor is pretty sure he got all of it and advised her that radiation was the best bet, instead of chemo or chemo/radiation combination. She's doing good; I spoke with her a little after Easter. I really don't call her enough ...

• Big load of laundry tomorrow ... and probably another trip to the laundry on the weekend. I've let it pile up and up ... at the end of last week I bought a couple pairs of pants, shirts and some socks just to further procrastinate. Sad, but true.

• I've also managed to read three books over the past week or so, plus re-read another three. Also watched two DVD's ... with a huge range between the two -- "The Holiday" ... and "WWE: No Way Out." How's that for variation?

• Tonight will be spent balancing my checkbook and doing a stack or two of dishes.

• I also have to clean out some boxes and junk from my bedroom ... I'm going to buy a new bed this weekend. Was gonna do it last weekend, but someone called in sick and I had to fill in for her shift. Ugh. And it's not really a new bed; there's a store here that sells remainders from hotels and other businesses. Still, it will be better than mine, which I should have replaced long ago. The "new" bed will be a double -- just $95 for the bed, boxspring, frame, headboard and nightstand.

• Dinner will be either a HUGE bowl of Golden Crisp cereal ... takeout Vietnamese food ... or PB&J's.

• I also will try to post a new early HNT from Guam over the next couple of days; just need to remember to buy batteries the next time I'm at the store.