Monday, June 11, 2007

wonderful discovery ...

Those of you who been around the Diatribe for a while will remember reading about my "discovery" of microwaveable mashed potatoes, as well as mac and cheese, that are both very good and extremely close to homemade. I love finding these kind of products because they save mucho time and preparation work.

I've found another.

Pre-cooked bacon that only requires 5 seconds a slice in the microwave. So for two hearty BT sammiches (bacon and tomato — lettuce is a total waste!!!!) it only takes two rounds of 40-sec zaps, slicing the tomato while the radiation crisps up the bacon slices to perfection. Then it's a slight coat of mayo on the bread and *BANG!* ... BT's in like 3 minutes. No more greasy spatter on the stove. No more greasy spatter from zapping uncooked bacon in the microwave.

I'm SUCH a happy camper.

Each pack as about 15-18 pieces or so ... I bought 3 packs the first time I saw it a week and change ago ... then 5 more packs last week.

Yes, I do love bacon-tomato sammiches THAT much!