Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the vacation ...

... was nice while it lasted; could use another ... I dunno ... 500 days of it.

did a lot of nothing. played a bunch of WOW.

played some poker. Had a big win night. How big? Well, let's just say 4 digits.

got some household stuff done.

bought a few new shirts and jeans with some of the winnings.

hid away from the world, pretty much, which I've become much better at over the years.

Vacation Stats

• Number of hot dates: Zero

• Number of romantic liaisons: Zero

• Number of women hit on: Zero

• Number of flirtations with women online: A few

• Number that went anywhere, or will go anywhere: Zero

• Number of contacts with non-work people: Four, though two with same person and both brief.

• Number of videos watched: 10 or so.

• Best of the bunch: Re-viewing of "Love Actually."

• Amount of cash left from poker winnings: Tidy sum

• Number of people who give a shit: To be determined