Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's been a while ...

... not much, how 'bout you?

so I've been very much busy with the job. lotta long days. lotta long hours.

lotta lost World of Warcraft time *sigh*

but I've been getting by.

last week was double nice ... it was a payday and we got our Christmas bonuses, and on Saturday had our annual Christmas party, which was extremely fun, thanks in no small part to ... ME!

I've been emcee the past 5-6 years and do such a magical job that I can't ever get out of it, as long as I work for the newspaper. oh well ... I was compensated with lunch for two at my fave Japanese restaurant -- teppanyaki AND sushi AND sashimi and more ...

this was me after coming home ... a little wrinkled, but still pretty snazzy in red, if I do say so myself.