Saturday, April 15, 2006

I believe that ...

... people are, intrinsically good. That being said, most overcome that to become not-good people. Oh, and all children are evil. It's been proven.

... Oswald acted alone, but only because the CIA, Mafia and Soviets got stuck at the airport.

... like Crash Davis, in ... "the small of a woman's back ... the sweet spot ... opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and ... in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Great movie, Bull Durham.

... there is life elsewhere in the galaxy and universe. But I also think they couldn't give two shits about us.

... the greatest sport is professional American football, and only at the NFL-level — not of that European league or indoor arena crap either.

... one day, through the grace of the golf gods and sheer, dumb, blind luck, I will hit a hole-in-one.

... nobody's cooking will ever live up to my parents' cooking.

... the vast majority of television is utter crap.

... we should be able to choose fewer cable channels for less money. I mean, how many of us need or want 50 channels, let alone 500? Cable companies should offer packages that let us pick the few we truly want and will watch.

... the Beatles are vastly overrated. They were a good band and had some influence, but they aren't all they're made out to be.

... most modern art is total shit ... especially the shit that's spread on a canvas, hung on wall and proclaimed to be a "statement about modern life."

... the Bible has some good stories and lessons, but shouldn't be taken literally.

... it's hard to beat: a great meal; a good woman; a day on the golf course; a cigarette after fucking.

... sammiches are underrated as a food group.

... a large percentage of music made in the last 20 years is absolute garbage.

... people who stick around a poker hand chasing a gutshot straight all the way to the river no matter how much is bet and then catch it are going to be fucked by the cosmos at some point in time. Hopefully VERY soon.

... I am too tired and sick to do this post justice, so I'm going to go to bed now.

heigh-ho, heigh-ho

Today was a holiday for my workplace — Good Friday. It goes back decades. Take into account that Guam is about 80 to 85 percent Catholic, and at one time was about 95 percent Catholic.

I like working on holidays, because it means double-time. Extra cash in the paycheck is always nice. Last night I had to work a late shift to cover for one of my staff who was off. Not so nice working your job and then another job ... but sometimes it's gotta be done.

Here's me on the right. Can't you feel how excited I am to be in at the office so late in the evening? Heh.

Those are the main supply cabinets back there, by the way. Pens, notebooks and folders galore.

What's worse is that I still have some work to do before I go to sleep. Gotta do some writing. Two relatively short pieces. And at least I'm somewhat in a writing mood/zone. Plus, the topics don't require tons of research.

So ... I'm gonna get to that. Later folks.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The predominance of Catholicism on Guam dates back to the Spanish, who shoved every aspect of their culture, including their religion, down the throats of all indigenous people they came across. But then again, so did most European explorers. Fuckers.

Friday, April 14, 2006

fucking bleah ...

OK, here's the deal:
• I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something. I fucking hate that.

• I'm going to try to see my doctor about it later today. I fucking hate going to see medical professionals.

• I'm feeling achey and sore, but not tired, so it would be pointless to lay down now. I fucking hate that.

• I'm going to take some medicine in hopes that it makes me feel better and makes me drowsy. I hate that I have to fucking do that.

• Let's just roll all the rest into one big package — I'm lonely, I'm alone, I'm in a place I don't wanna be but can't go just yet but hopefully can relatively soon but who really knows ... and I fucking hate having to wait and see on that crap.
The good things going on in the life of the DZER:
• I'm not broke. I'm not in debt. For the the first sustained period of time since entering college in 1987.

• I actually have a pretty good job and work with pretty good people. It's not perfect, but it's much better than many I know.

• I have decent health insurance, so it won't hit me too hard to go to the doctor and get medicine.

• I don't have the kind of raging insomnia that I had for a sustained period of time years back.

• Easter brunch should be very tasty and I get to bowl with the godsons!
Back to the bad shit:
• I didn't hit the lottery ... AGAIN!

• I still have to pay water, power, internet and phone, rent and cable for the month. Oh, and car insurance is due.

• And taxes. And I owe from last year, and I will pay more this year. Fucking bleah.

• I haven't seen a stripper up close in personal in almost 40 days ... yes, it's the one Lent resolution that I kept.

• I'm still smokefree. And sometimes, all I really want is to smoke one KOOL Menthol King cigarette down to its butt.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

hehehe ... this one is great!

what a difference is made by a little bit of music, no?

toooooooo funny!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

what DZER ate, people to hate, and HNT (early, not late)

Heh. I'm VERY impressed with myself for the title rhyme. If you're not ... I don't care. LOL.

For the whole four people who read and responded to the post below, I decided to not only tell you what I decided on for lunch, but to show you as well. Don't you feel all lucky and fulfilled? Yeah ... I didn't think so.

I decided on LoneStar Steakhouse for lunch ... though not for a steak. This place serves up one of my very favorite healthy/not-healthy meals. Salad and hot wings.
I was so hungry that I tucked right into the salad and didn't think about snapping a picture of it. It was just a basic dinner (side) salad — lettuce and other greens, carrot shreds, a little red onion, diced tomatoes and ranch dressings. The wings were "hot" ... not quite the hottest they have (which is "Texas") but still pretty spicy. They were big and plump and pika and ... mmmmm.

That was lunch!

How many of you work in an office (or other) environment in which you just really can't stand one or more people that work with you, for you or near you? I'm guilty of it myself, though I will never name names. This office voodoo doll is a gift which I find myself utilizing over and over again. In case your vision is so poor that you can't tell, even by clicking on the pic for a bigger image, this is the "female" side of the doll; the other side has a male representation. The pins, also in case you can't see, are stuck into each of the female's eyes. Nuff said, no?

It's late Wednesday night here. Which means almost Thursday morning for me. So, all of my faithful readers (down to 9.6 and falling!) know this means one thing — the early Half-Nekkid Thursday from Guam!

Cheer or jeer, as is your wont and prediliction. I'm guessing comments will be light on the cheering, and that the jeering will be saved for private discourse. Notice I rate myself high enough to think that others would bother to waste any of their time discussing me or my HNTs.

This week, I present my "durrrr" face ... enjoy!

To find out more about Half-Nekkid Thursday,
check out the link, baby:

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• April is the month in which the sun is at its highest, and thus longest and hottest, position over Guam. It's freaking hot over here, people!

it's time for lunch ...

I'm hungry.

I just don't know what I'm hungry for ... arg!

Do I go for the basic big burger and fries? At a restaurant or a fast-food place?

A sammich? At a deli or at Subway or at a restaurant/diner?

A fiesta plate with barbecue chicken and ribs and red rice?

A big bowl of Japanese ramen noodles? The sushi bar downtown? The teppanyaki restaurant?

Vietnamese? Chinese? Thai?

A trucker breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hash browns and pancakes?

Pasta? Italiano supremo?

A one-choice, two-choice restaurant? A buffet line with many options from which to choose?

Home for some leftovers or microwaveable fare?

Or perhaps an upscale lunch in an upscale restaurant, lingering between the many courses?

Fuck ... I just don't know.

But I'll fill you in later on what I decided.

Bon apetit!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what's your beef?

Sometimes, you just can't beat Korean barbecue to hit the spot. I get cravings for Korean food every now and then, and luckily there are some very good Korean restaurants in the area. Above is perhaps one of the most well-known dishes — kalbi ribs.

The short ribs are a little different from what most Westerners see in the store — it's basically a wide, thin cut of meat connected to the short rib. It's barbecued, and then it's chopped up and served on a hot iron plate set in a heavy wooden tray. The steam comes off, wafting the savory smells upward. Mmmmm. That's what can be seen on the middle left of the pic ... it's not a smudge on the camera or an exposure issue — it's the heavenly smell of grilled beef.

On the right is an assortment of kimchi, which comes with the kalbi meal. In the top, left corner is actually chop chae — a translucent noodle dish that's muy tasty. Counter clockwise from there, spicy radish, broccoli, seaweed, bean sprout and the classic, super-hot cabbage kimchi.

Top right corner is soup. I don't go for the soup itself ... looks a little too close to dishwater, so I don't touch it. LOL. But the kimchis make perfect counterpoints to the tasty marinated meat that is the kalbi.

• New pics up over at DZER's Guam Pics.

• New stories by Chrissie and me up over at DZERotica.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Seoul, South Korea is a mere 1,986 miles (3,196 km) from Guam. Visitors from South Korea make up our second-largest tourism market.

easter bunny caught, eaten ...

EAST SHITLICK, TEXAS (DZERLAND News Service) — There will be no colored Easter eggs hidden away for the kiddos to search for this year. No fancy baskets filled with treats such as jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.

Yesterday, shortly before dawn, Rufus Preston "Big Mackers" MacKenzie fired off his .22-caliber rifle and bagged what he thought was a garden pest, a critter than had been decimating the vegetable garden of his wife, Irma Louise "Momma Mackers" MacKenzie.

Instead, MacKenzie had shot — and killed — the Easter Bunny.

"It was somethin' that was a'eatin' Momma's prize-winning tomatoes and her newly planted baby carrots, and Momma was a'wailin' and a'whinin' about it, so I wokes up all early and instead of goin' to the fishin' hole with Old Earl, Young Earl and Ugly Earl-Bob, I set on my back porch there and just waited," MacKenzie said. "Shortly afore dawn, I seen me these big ears a'bobbin' near the cabbage and aimed and fired. One shot was all it took."

MacKenzie had Momma Mackers take the picture of him holding up the dead Easter Bunny, then quickly gutted the beast, chopped off its feet ("Fer keychains, don'tcha know," he said), then skinned the oversized rabbit. Momma Mackers made her special fried rabbit with mashed taters and country gravy. There was enough for both of them, Old Earl and Young Earl, and Parson Fergus Twiddles. They had boysenberry pie for dessert.

Monday, April 10, 2006

ugh ... mondays ...

having to go into the office
facing my desk and trying to figure out
all of the stuff I have to do before
I can leave for the day, many hours later.

my desk is adorned with little personal things
many of the football related, some not.
post-its adorn the monitor, even though
I have that program called "stickies;"
I like the tactile quality of physical notes.

the jar on the far left is filled with
double-bubble bubble gum
and people from all over the paper
come by to take some now and then;
they get upset when it goes empty for too long.

just to the left of the monitor
is a sorting unit for much of my daily stuff
and on the front of it is a famous quote
about editorial writers ... see if you can read it.

any questions about any of the aspects of my
immediate working environment?
lemme know in the comments; I'll try to answer.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam's motto is "Where America's Day Begins!" ... it's also "Where America's Workweek Begins." ... bleah

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my kinda sunday ...

My seriously lazy Sunday actually began Monday. After golf, and then work for a little bit, I returned home. I dozed off for several hours worth of nap in the early evening.

Woke up in time to chat a little with my favorite person, then headed to bed when she had to get her day started. Lounged around there for awhile, hoping for a call and watching SportsCenter repeats and Comedy Central (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rock) before dozing off sometime around 1:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Woke up at 6:30 a.m. Forgot to reset the alarm from the day before, when it was all set all early for my free golf Saturday. Set the alarm for 9 a.m., figuring I might get some stuff done.

Heh. I crack myself up sometimes.

At 9, woke up to the alarm, gave it the old "fuck it" and then reset it for 11 a.m., thinking to catch a movie at 11:45 — only $4 that way. But, of course, slept a bit too long. Got outta bed at 11:30. Lazed around until 1:45, then headed to the movie — "Lucky Number Slevin." I thought that it was a great flick. Humor, crime, twists, turns, good performances — a nice Sunday afternoon treat. I almost went to see "Ice Age: The Meltdown," but I think I'm gonna save that for sometime this coming week.

Grabbed a burger afterward and headed home. More lazing about, watched a couple of DVDs — "St. Ralph" and re-watched "Elf" (Will Ferrell keeeeeeeels me).

A little later, got a little more chat time with MFP, unfortunately because she awoke in the middle of the night not feeling too well. Of course, my charm, wittiness, and overall exemplary conversation skills made her feel 100 percent better ... or so I convinced myself as she headed back to bed for more deserved sleep.

A little more TV, a trip to the grocery store for some supplies, and here I am.

Oh ... I did manage to finish up one little project ...
... a minor revamp of DZEROTICA to make it a little easier to read. I figure it's gone neglected long enough, and even posted an erotic poem (well, kinda ... heh) to give folks a reason to go there besides the redesign.

Also, be advised that this is only a temporary redesign. Once MFP gets in the mood, she's going to go to town with her considerable html and design skills to make something that really resonates with the theme and content of the page.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Although Guam is a very small island, relatively speaking, it boasts 88 rivers.