Tuesday, March 20, 2007

missing: DZER

OK, OK ... so I've been away for awhile, and more than infrequent in posting and reading blogs.

Not much has been happening in my life ... but that's nothing new.

Been playing tons of World of Warcraft, as I'm sure many of you have surmised ... busy leveling my main character.

Also, my laziness and phlegmatic nature have been in overdrive, if that's possible.

Added to that, I took Monday and Tuesday off (today is Tuesday for me and it's getting closer and closer to being over .. gah!), and indulged even further in my do-nothing lifestyle. Tomorrow, it's back to work ... I really need to hit a lottery so I don't have to work ever again. I like my job and the people I work with, but I like doing nothing a whole lot more ... LOL

I'm actually going to leave the apartment — which I haven't done much of the past three days, except for golf with S and my godson. I need a relaxing shave and neck massage, a satisfying meal, some groceries, and to pay a couple of bills.

Will try to check in on you guys later tonight, when the WOW servers are down for maintenance. :)