Friday, November 17, 2006

asshole drivers ...

I live very close to my office -- a mere 5-minute drive away.

And yet, going from there to here for lunch, I encountered three asshole drivers.

• The guy on the main street who blocked my ability to turn left onto that street, even though the cars were stacked up in front of him at a red light. He wouldn't have lost his place in line or any time by leaving me space to turn. But he just HAD to creep up to the next car in front of him, to protect that 10 feet of space from someone cutting in from somewhere.

• The person turning left across the street from a parking lot, forcing me and the guy coming the other way to slam on our brakes because she couldn't wait the extra 15 seconds for us both to continue driving past ... and there were no drivers behind either of us. And she didn't even have the embarrassed courtesy to put up a hand to motion "sorry."

• The guy who cut across three lanes of traffic, from the far right to the center lane, passing right in front of me, causing me to slam on brakes yet again, because he was such an idiot that he didn't plan for the left turn anywhere in the previous half mile.

I fucking hate asshole drivers.


Kristen said...

*looks right*

*looks left*

*jumps up and down*


I'm first!!!!

Chrissie said...


I feel ya on the asshole drivers! They seem to be everywhere.

Heather said...

And yet they wonder why people get "road rage"??

I would have to say that other drivers are one of my biggest pet peeves..

Natalia said...

No one believes me until they come here but we have the worst drivers in the nation and possibly the world.


TequilaGirl said...

Sounds like a good FUCK YOU to me!!! LOL!

Have a great weekend! :)

gab said...

and they let these people have lisences. go figure. Im beginning to hate driving any more to many stupid "people"(I was being nice dont know why but I am) out there driving. And if they get any stupider(is that a word?) Im walking!!!!!