Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the birthday update ...

Since a few of you have expressed the desire for more details and what-not of my birthday happenings and presents/loot and what-not, I thought I’d indulge you.

People who remembered my birthday (on or before my birthday) this year:
• Mom
Chrissie (aka My Favorite Person)
• My brother, the Savage
• My male’ and pare’ (parents of my godchildren)

Cards received for my birthday this year
• One mailed card (from Mom)
• One e-mailed card (from Chrissie)

Presents from others thus far:
• The fabulous cleavage photo featured further down the page, from the ever-delicious and frequently mentioned Chrissie.
• A cool Huskers giant coin bank from my Mom.

That's pretty much it, though I haven't been to my mailbox in a week or so, so there's a chance there's another card or two there.

Oh, and R & S, together with another co-worker friend, will be taking me out for a birthday dinner on Friday evening, so there will be a couple of gifts there too.

What I bought myself:
• 20-inch flat screen (not flat panel) RCA television.
• Home theater system.
• The expansion pack for World of Warcraft — The Burning Crusade.
• A lapdance.

There ya go!


Kristen said...

Ok so I suck.

I missed your b-day.

I'm sorry.

Happy Birthday Dzer

JMai said...

Yay presents! Yay birthday! Sounds like a good start to a happy birthday week.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!

da buttah said...

as a proud member of the "i hate birthday's and would appreciate them passing without so much as an utterance of the fact it exists" i am going to smile, nod, and flash you.

i hope you understand my position on birthdays, and can accept my way of saying "you rock, i love you, happy fuckin birthday!"

props on the home theater system :)

SignGurl said...

So, I didn't make the list of people who remembered? I knew it was coming but I thought it was the 8th for some reason. I suck.

terry said...

ahem.... i believe i referred to your birthday in a comment earlier this month...

okay, so i couldn't remember the date. nor did i remember to send a card (or booby shot).

but isn't it the thought that counts?


come to sf with your brother and i'll buy you both adult beverages.

snavy said...

Happy belated birthday!!

My birthday was the 17th.