Thursday, March 08, 2007

is it thursday already?

• Home a little early, but about to head back into the office of a meeting with my staff. Hopefully it won't take too long, but I do have to get some things across to them, so who knows?

• World of Warcraft is still fun and highly addictive; my main character is steadily leveling up to the point of become pretty badass. I've put my other two characters on a kind of hiatus, until I get my main up there nice and high.

• How much do you think it will add to my power bill if I did ironing in the morning, then left to work, came home later that day, and didn't notice until early morning that I had left the iron on all that time? Ugh.

• Been neglecting balancing my checkbook, so I gotta go through two weeks of receipts later tonight to reconcile it. Not that it's low ... it's actually more than I usually have. This bankruptcy thing has actually been a blessing -- my checking account stays flush, as I have been living well within my means, and I've even managed to save a couple grand over the last year. Last month, I upped the auto-deduct from checking to savings to $250 a month. So, basically, if and when I finally find something over there that fits/suits me and my abilities, I have the wherewithal to giddy-up and go.

• Shoulda posted the following last week, but never got around to it. Yep, it's the return of the early HNT from Guam, albeit a week and a day late.

Yep, this is how my thumb looked about 10 days ago. Not as detailed as I would have liked, a little fuzzy and unsharp, but you can see the difference in color. Too bad the pus didn't show up very well ... heh.


Stealth said...

It's okay sweetie, I was addicted to Diablo II Expansion Pack. I cried when someone went hostile on my and kille my blizzard sorceresses....her name *in fight club voice* was Morgana Le Fae.

She had a name


SignGurl said...

I'd be more concerned that the iron could have burned your building down.

Ouch on the puss-y (heh!) thumb!

snavy said...

I would have thought about the iron 15 miles down the road, gone home and checked (like I did on Tues. with the tea kettle -- it was off) Can you say obsessive compulsive?

Natalia said...

Awww... WOW thumb...the new affliction.


April said...

your poor thumb...want me to kiss it and make it all better?? ;)

and i'm with're lucky ya didn't set fire to the place!

that's GREAT on the savings! lucky you...

keda said...

happy hnt sweetie. :)

ell said...

hey d, just wanted to say hi. i've been so out of the loop lately.

Momentarily_Distracted said...

It shouldn't be too much on your electric bill, probably as much as a light bulb. Glad you didn't have to talk to any firefighters when you got home. :)
Good luck with the checkbook. I hate balancing mine. Bleah! :\

terry said...

everybody else already said what i was going to say.


JMai said...

I hope you're preparing yourself... that electricity bill is going to be ... I mean at least FOURTY-SEVEN cents more than it was last month!


Hey PS, how come you never come to visit my blog anymore?