Tuesday, March 27, 2007

recent highlights ...

Sumptous dinner:
• Duckstein lager

• Tapas platter (shared appetizer) — Genoa salami and prosciutto, sliced thin; fine Italian cheese; marinated olives; garlic sauteed shrimp with creamy dipping sauce; sauteed vegetables.

• Garlic-sauteed mushrooms covered in cheese, baked onto perfectly toasted bread.

• Fettucine in a creamy pesto sauce with sliced chicken.

• Creme brulee.

• Coffee.
Oh yeah, it was a fucking gooooood dinner!

• A little bit of work.

• A lot of World of Warcraft.

• Golf — me and S both played horribly, in large part due to the glacial pace ... we ended up only playing nine holes, because it took us 3 hours to play that!

• Big, sloppy Triple Whopper with cheese.

• WOW (of course)

• A brief stint in the office to straighten out payroll.

• Waffles laden with syrup for a late dinner.

• The highlight of my day ... a pineapple-coconut milkshake after lunch ... yummy!


JMai said...

I am eating a spinach salad. There is no limit to the hatred I have for you at this moment, Dzer. Garlic-sauteed cheesy mushrooms indeed

Natalia said...

It all sounds delish. I have had some such highlights myself. Eat on, darling!


terry said...

damn you... I'M HUNGRY now!!


M_D said...

*gets off kitchen counter, goes to hunt down a package of poptarts*
Nice to see you back again, DZER!

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy... i'm aking pot roast.. its already in the crock pot... taters n carrots n gravey... i have biscuits too... see you at 6!