Thursday, April 26, 2007

update ...

Thursday here and still no power. I talked to another tenant Wednesday night and he said a couple people came out to look at the main breaker box earlier that day, and that an electrician was supposed to come out today for the repairs. I never saw him, nor did anyone else, and it looks like nothing has been done yet.

I was to have signed the lease for a new place today, though I wouldn't be able to move in until next Wednesday. So I held off and haven't done it yet, hoping/praying that maybe the power will be back on at my apartment sometime this weekend. If it's not fixed by Monday, that still gives me about 2 days to find a new place, and I'm well on my way to clearing up junk, tossing things out and packing away what I want to keep.

I'm hitting an Internet cafe every night for 2-3 hours to get some kind of World of Warcraft fix, though that's still far short of what I usually play, plus it's a lot less comfortable. But the place I've found is cool, have given me some discounts, and I have actually talked WOW with other gamers, who don't look at me with the "whatever, geek" expression on their face. We've traded tips, tricks, and death wipe stories.

I really should move stateside, but I just can't up and go ... I need to have the prospect of work waiting for me ... I can't imagine just moving and then looking for a job. Plus, it's not like my field is that general ... How many newspapers are in your town? How many editors? It's not like I'm a retail manager, salesman, executive assistant or accountant, where the job is basically the same from company to company and industry to industry. If I decide to move someplace and there are no news jobs, I could go to the darkside of advertising or marketing or government public relations or something like that, I suppose ... but even then I'd much rather have the prospect of a waiting job than trying to eke by on my savings and wits while trying to seek employment.

oh well ... that's it for now.


Natalia said...

With your qualifications, you should be able to get a job stateside without much trouble, no?


Anonymous said...

Ok, umm... hmm kinda bullshit there. You are limiting yourself... again. You just keep looking within Gannett... You don’t HAVE to work for them as an editor. You are a hell of a writer; you worked for latte for a long time. There are soooo many magazines out there. Why don’t you try and broaden your horizons again?

Also, I think you have to actually APPLY for jobs… works best that way.

I also think there would be SOMEone in SOME area of the states that would allow you to hang out at their house while you did some job hunting/interviewing.


kathi said...

No power sucks.

Guy, I so completely agree with you about the job. It is harder than hell in the job market. I also agree with Chrissie, you could apply for all those jobs from where you are and then relocate if you get some offers. It's scary, no doubt about it.
I understand.

Crabby said...

Send out feelers ahead of time, babe. I bet you could get a job. Anyhow, we'd all be very happy with you closer by.

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Good luck, DZER! Will keep fingers crossed for you.

ArtfulDodger said...

Some of that WoW time could be spent actually looking for a job stateside... maybe? Just saying.

Hope your power comes back on soon my friend.