Tuesday, May 08, 2007

staying chilly ...

So after a full weekend with power and getting used to a return to normalized life, what happens? Air conditioning unit decides that 3 years is enough time to live and cool.

First, I gotta take it down. It sits up in a hole in the wall about 7 feet up. It's a 12,000-btu unit that almost killed me when I put it in, because I did it myself, being the big strong man that I am. Well, 12,000-btu units are very heavy and bulky, and I almost dropped it on my head putting it in.

Taking it out, I somehow managed to power it down and then, as the weight hit, push it out far enough so that when it hit the ground in front of me, it didn't crush my toes.

Quick drive down to the warehouse store ... $199.99 for a new, 8,000-btu unit ... back home, take it out of the box, attache the little expander wings on the side to fill the space, since this unit is smaller ... used a variety of foam, wood and tape to seal up the rest of the hole and then plug it in to start the cool air -- which was needed because I was coated in sweat from all this manual labor in a hot apartment .. totally drenched ... it wasn't a pretty sight.


Remote doesn't work. Buttons don't work. Try a different outlet. Nada.

About to start breaking things when I notice this unit has a reset button like power strips right where it plugs into the wall. Duh. Click. Cool air again. Nice.

Then it was a long, cool shower, followed by a super-late night of WOW and 4 hours of sleep.


Anonymous said...

LOL you are a dork...

And I bet that looks great! foam wood AND tape? LOL

terry said...

what? frampton??


sounds like LOADS of fun. four whole hours of sleep??

TG said...

Sounds like a sweet set up! LOL! Poor poor Dz!

Natalia said...

Dorkaliciousness on your part. Still, a long cool shower and a night of gaming sound lovely.


ArtfulDodger said...

that's a heck of a life you've carved out for yourself there big guy! :) (And you know, I'm just teasing.)

Crabby said...

For just a second I thought I'd figured out where my crap luck went. Then you mentioned the reset button.

Duct tape? I have a pair of shoes held together with that stuff. Works like a champ.

Grace said...

Hehe, that's terrible.

Hope you're doing great. You should stop by sometime... I still post some stuff every once in a while. Have a great weekend Deez!