Thursday, July 19, 2007

meanderings ...

... I hate having to go into the office on evenings to cover for someone else who is out ... it's part of the job but obviously not one of my favorite parts.

... had a nice lunch ... thick steak, baked potato ... salad and some buffalo wings for appetizer ... mmm.

... got a line on a daschund puppy ... guy's supposed to call me later this week.

... Saturday is a local holiday -- Liberation Day, marking the day the U.S. came back to retake Guam from the Japanese, which means Friday is holiday pay ... but also means Thursday will have to bust my ass to get the full weekend's worth of stuff ready ... will try to limit my office time on Friday for -- what else? -- some World of Warcraft guild missions!

... ever take a shit so big and nasty that afterward it changed your entire outlook? No? Just me?


Lisa said...

A doxie puppy?? ~CLAPS HANDS HAPPILY~ You are a braver man than I am...I went for a 1 year old dog who was over the puppy chewing / housebreaking stage. I hope you get it...M or F? Color? Long hair or short hair?? I am crossing my fingers for you getting it.

I am home today with my dog...she was spayed yesteday and since she is such a velcro pup, I could not bear to leave her home alone. She slept most of the night thanks for medical science aka pain killers but now she thinks I am going to sleep on the floor with her again. ~LOL~ She lays down, whines at me and waits for me to try to crawl into her GIANT dog bed with her. It's only fair as I let her sleep in my bed with me and since she can't jump high enough to get into the princess and the pea bed....I sleep with her. HOWEVER I am not getting into the crate with her...~L~ no way, no how !!

Anonymous said...

OOoo a puppy! lol cuuute!

I hope you get him... or her... bring a lil love to your life LOL *smooch*

Momentarily_Distracted said...

For the last question...okay, I'll bite:
Yes, I have. Have I ever! It hurts just thinking about it.

SignGurl said...

I've taken a shit so big that my innards had to rearrange themselves for hours. Of course this was back when I could actually eat more than a quarter of a cup of food.

kathi said...

Still talkin' about that puppy, huh? And the info on your movements...geeze, did you really have to go there?? Well, hell, guess you did. ;)

Natalia said...

I love puppies. They can make an y bad day go away.