Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the vacation ...

... was nice while it lasted; could use another ... I dunno ... 500 days of it.

did a lot of nothing. played a bunch of WOW.

played some poker. Had a big win night. How big? Well, let's just say 4 digits.

got some household stuff done.

bought a few new shirts and jeans with some of the winnings.

hid away from the world, pretty much, which I've become much better at over the years.

Vacation Stats

• Number of hot dates: Zero

• Number of romantic liaisons: Zero

• Number of women hit on: Zero

• Number of flirtations with women online: A few

• Number that went anywhere, or will go anywhere: Zero

• Number of contacts with non-work people: Four, though two with same person and both brief.

• Number of videos watched: 10 or so.

• Best of the bunch: Re-viewing of "Love Actually."

• Amount of cash left from poker winnings: Tidy sum

• Number of people who give a shit: To be determined


Snow White said...

I give a shit! And "Love Actually" is one of my favorite movies! Glad you had a nice break. As a general rule, they are never long enough. I was off all summer and it wasn't long enough! xox

terry said...

i shit too!

i mean, i give a shit.

next time, why not leave town on your vacation? you deserve it.

Lisa said...

Hey add me to the I GIVE A SHIT list even if you won't answer an email!! I am still disappointed there is no puppy in your home, no little cuddle companion to share your bed and to take you on long walks....doesn't mean I will quit talking about it just means you need a puppy...~L~

Take that money, put it into the moving away from Guam fund !

kathi said...

I think point one and two of your vacation stats may have something to do with point three...just sayin'.
Congrats on the winnings!

SignGurl said...

I won some money this weekend too, but at the casino! Unfortunately, it's going to buy new tires and brakes for my car.

I wish I could watch 10 movies. I haven't watched 10 movies total in the last year. *sigh*

Suze said...

Nice to hear that you are still doing well at Poker but it ought to be Poke Her!

Dzer you need a woman to keep you occupied. ;)