Tuesday, January 15, 2008

another update; sorry it's late ...

OK, I never did get fully into the Christmas spirit, but everything ended up OK. I got all presents bought and wrapped in time and did good by the godkids and everyone else I think. Also got some decent loot ... mostly gift certificates to get new clothes, since most of what I own is a bit big on me these days.

I did happen to get an early Christmas present:

Yeah, came downstairs the Saturday before Christmas to be greeted by a smashed windshield. 'Tis the season!

New Year's Eve and New Year
Nothing exciting.

Oh yeah ... except a couple days after, I came downstairs and found both my rear tires punctured ... on the side, as if by a knife blade. Happy New Year!

We don't really want to go there, do we?

See above.

Anything else ya guys needed to know?

OK ... one more pic of me in red, from the company Christmas party:


SignGurl said...

First of all, you look amazing!!! Good on you!!!

Second, I missed your birthday. Happy 39!!!

Thirdly, who in the hell is sabotaging your truck? That totally sucks.


Grace said...

Uhh, so sorry about your car. What a pain to have to deal with that. I'm glad your holidays worked out ok. And again, love the red on you.

Kristen said...

Oh gosh......it's so good to be back here

Anonymous said...

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