Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ok, here's the deal

• a little more than 4 hours sleep last night

• got home from work, started to relax with some poker on TV and perfectly baked baguette.

• got a call and had to come back into work.

• blogging from work (gasp).

• not sure when I'm getting out of here.

• not sure when I'm coming home.

• not sure I won't stop at a gentleman's club and enjoy the wares served there.

• not sure what I'll eat or when.

• not sure who really cares about any of this.

• not sure if someone's still irritated by me ... scratch that; I'm pretty sure.

• not sure how much longer I can keep from not smoking.

• not sure what I want to do with my life, or where I want to do it.

• not sure if I even care all that much anymore about previous not sure.

• not sure about a lot of things, apparently.

Oh, and Lalaine ... I will be sure to write you back via e-mail when I eventually do get home. I'm one of the worst in the world when it comes to replying to e-mails ... statement, not necessarily apology ;) ... but I promise to get back atcha, since you're one of the few who write me on any kind of regular basis, and plus I miss ya.


Natalia said...

I'm first, bitches!

Awwww about work. But it's good to know you are needed. Job security and all.

I hope you do get some sleep, love.


sassinak said...

what natalia said...

also? when you aren't sure you sit back and wait for the signs... they're there if you look

Heather said...

I care... big *hug* to ya..

If I were you, I'd stop and get a lap dance.. it always makes me feel better.. *wink*


Pyrhonik said...

Great to see you back.

Sleep deprivation is an interesting place, unless you're driving. My brain has wandered through some interesting thoughts after too many hours without!

I've quit smoking 3 times in my life, and the last time was easiest. My problem is that I love cigars. Especially cigars and whiskey or proper red wines. And a rollie around the campfire nearly puts me over the edge. I'm to the point now where I can enjoy the smells without needing the nic. But how do you turn down a "new baby" cigar!