Saturday, July 08, 2006

the remains of the day ...

OK ... sorry to be posting so late. I decided at the last minute to head to a poker game in Barrigada. I started off not so good, losing first $80, then $60. I was gonna stop there but decided to buy in for another $60. I went up and down, up and down and got to the point where I only had $35 left. Luckily I was able to triple that on one hand and played smart the rest of the way, gradually gaining my money back.

Even more luckily, I read a very "loose" (read: crazy and unpredictable) player correctly -- I had pocket 10's (a pair of 10's in the hole) and bet $20. He raised it to $65 and I reluctantly called. The flop (first three community cards turned over) were 8 of hearts, five of hearts and a 4 of spades, I think; not too sure about that last card. He went all-in with his last $50. If I called, I would only have about $60 left. I figured "fuck it" since I had the board beat and because he often tries to bluff at pots and called him. I showed my 10's and he turned over a 7 and 2 of hearts, which meant he just needed any other heart to make a flush and beat me. Yikes. The turn (fourth community card up) was a 9 of clubs, which also meant that if the last card was a 6, he would make a straight and beat me. River (last community card up) was an ace, which meant I took down the pot. I ended up leaving up $50 for the night. :)

Got home after 1 a.m. and still had some writing to do, and got most of it done. Tomorrow morning means a bunch of editing that I had meant to do last night, but overall it was worth it.

Oh, and lunch was good; it was nice catching up a bit with T, and I had a pretty tasty meal to boot.
That's T on the left, and Ri on the right. I have a pic of me and T, but I took it with the camera out at arm's length and the angle of the shot and my head made me look like super bloated fathead guy who's either drunk or stoned, so I will spare myself of the ignominy of publishing it online.

She'll be around for a few weeks, so there will be many more chances to take some pics that feature me in a much better light ... or so one can hope. Heh.


Pyrhonik said...

Nice call on the bluff, nice to see an ace go your way for a change!

Still picturing you stoned! LOL

ArtfulDodger said...

the worm is turning for you my friend. And T is very beautiful. :)

Chrissie said...

I'm glad you finally forgave T... Good to see the "old gang" back together there... Even if she does annoy me LOL

Congrats on the 50 bucks!

hasarder said...

What do you mean posting so late? It's only late for people in our timezone. All those in the US wouldn't even notice!
One of these days I'll get to bed before 3am...