Friday, November 10, 2006

chore-filled weekend

I've put them off long enough. Sometime over the weekend I will have to do a lot of chores.

• Laundry. I've stretched things out after continual procrastination, but I'm down to clothes that I can't really wear to work -- jeans with holes, sweats, t-shirts. I must have about 6 to 8 loads here. I'll do 4, probably on Saturday afternoon/early evening, then try to set another time later in the week.

• Dishes. I'm at the point where I almost want to just go out and buy a cheap new set of silverware and other things, rather than wash all the dishes. LOL ... how sad and bacheloresque is that?

• Grocery shopping. After a week of mostly fast food and takeout, I really need to restock the larder, including more fruit and salads and stuff, to make sure my weight and clothing sizes don't start going the other way.

• Clean the clubs. OK, this at least is a happy chore, because it means I'll be getting my golf clubs ready for a round on Sunday. Will be playing with S and my godson, but also two other co-workers, C and M. Should be a good time.

• Bathroom scrubbing. I did manage to clean the toilet earlier in the week, but I need to do the tub, shower and sink, and mop the floor.

• Sweeping. Need to get the old broom out and clean up ... and eventually mop, I suppose.

• Mail a package or two. Got some stuff that's been sitting here; got to get them packaged and shipped out.

• Start holiday stuff. Look for Christmas cards, fill my wrapping stock, make my list for shopping purposes.

Speaking of that, so far, I will be sending out an additional 4 Christmas cards to bloggers this year. There's still time if you want a holiday greeting card from Guam. Simply send me an e-mail with the snail mail address of your choice (work, home, p.o. box, etc.). There's still about 3-4 weeks left before I send them out, so I will post the occasional reminder.


Heather said...

I really HATE housework.. Actually, I wouldn't hate it so much if it would actually STAY clean for more than the 20 minutes after I finally finish.. yeah, that would be great.

Try and have a good weekend!

Heather said...

and... I'M FIRST!!!!


Natalia said...

Dude...seriously! I am leaving for Ireland next Friday and I have a huge to-do list. I am wondering how much will get done.


ArtfulDodger said...

Should I be afraid that our lives are starting to sound so similar? Other than the club cleaning that is. yeesh. :)

Kristen said...

I hate mopping and I hate laundry

bleck. I've been trying to clean all morning.

I wanna Christmas card

Spitfire said...

oohh yes I need to send you my addy...I am on it!

I am working on my "to don't list"

*wishes she had electricity*

JMai said...

1. The dirty dishes? Ewwwwww!!!!
2. You should invest in one of those vacuum cleaners with adjustable heights for hardwood/tile floors. I hate sweeping; that thing makes life so much easier!

terry said...

will you do some of my laundry too? pleeeeaasse???

SignGurl said...

My house could use a good scrubbin' but I'm too tired to do it. You've got more gumption than I do.