Saturday, November 25, 2006

mr. nice guy ...

So I'm putting together a story, complete with photos I took, of Onward Talofofo Golf Resort for the newspaper's sports section.

What I'm ultimately hoping for is to make a convincing case to get reimbursed for my round ... there's not much sweeter than free golf!

And, as usual, have a tee time tomorrow (Sunday) morning with my pare' and godson for Admiral Nimitz Golf Course ... just about 12 hours for now.

The godson is going to have a golfalicious Christmas from Nino -- a new putter, some golf balls, some tees, (ones like I use, which he likes), a golf hat or two, as well as some collared golf shirts ... and any child-friendly golf books that may be out there.

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I'm starting to get more and more into the spirit of the holidays, which means I'm being an overtly nicer guy. What does that mean?

• Holding more doors open for people.

• Assisting frenetic moms or elderly people with their groceries/packages.

• Letting people into the flow of traffic.

• Smiling and saying, "Happy holidays."

Not that I don't think I'm not already a nice and decent guy, but at this time of the year I try to make a more concious effort at doing little things that make another person's life/day a little easier.

Not exactly random acts of kindness, but something along those lines.

Oh ... happy holidays!


SignGurl said...

I wish everyone would take notes from you and be nice.

ell said...

wouldn't it be great if everyone had "the holiday spirit" all year long and treated each other with kindness and respect?

kathi said...

What a great thought, such a decent guy!

Shay said...

are you trying to be extra good to score some extra points with Santa?