Monday, November 27, 2006

bleah ...

Stunk it up on the golf course Sunday. I actually started off rather solid, for me, managing back-to-back bogeys. But then everything went south. I couldn't put anything consistent together and hit a LOT of bad shots.

I normally shoot in the low 90s at Admiral Nimitz Golf Course, and have shot in the high 80s several times. This time, I think I finished with a 105 or so. Ouch.

Oh well ... a bad day on the golf course beats a good day almost anywhere else.

Back to a full work week starting in about 8 hours or so. It was so relaxing and nice being off three straight days after the weekend, then working on Thanksgiving for just a few hours.


I need to hit a big lottery jackpot so I can not HAVE to work ever again. I'm very good at being shiftless and lazy.

I've been planning to get my Christmas shopping started each of the last three evenings, and instead have stayed home and watched TV, DVDs and, of course, played World of Warcraft. I have a cute little female gnome warrior who also is a blacksmith and I've been leveling her pretty steadily, not wanting to get my elf druid too far ahead of My Favorite Person's elf hunter while she's been road-tripping for the Thanksgiving holidays.

So, I'm still behind and will need to get started this week.

Oh ... and Christmas cards will be going out this week. If you've sent me your address, you should be getting one from me over the next several weeks, depending on where you live -- foreign destinations take a lot longer, I've found.

Hope your weekends were good!


ArtfulDodger said...

Sounds like you managed to have a great weekend despite the sucking on the course! We all have days like that. We've had Guam like weather here for the past week which is totally unusual, but extremely welcomed. Back to work soon. Bleh.

SignGurl said...

I've had 5 days off and dread tomorrow morning. I feel like a lazy blob.

What DVD's did you watch?

gab said...

Sorry your game was off. Yes it is hard to get back into the swing of things when youve had time off. I cat work anymore so Im home all the time but some days I wish I could go to work. Being home all the time can and does get boring. I have yet to start buying christmas gifts or even sending cards. I am one who usually has cards sent before Thanksgiving. Im getting so lazy! lol

Stealth said...

rubs her boobies on dzer and runs off!


are you gonna redo your avatar for christmas?

LMAO...just remember when your game is off, your blog game is have people putting yer lil red button all over their girly sites ;-)

Grace said...

5 days off? And why did I not get a long weekend? Ohh, Thanksgiving... geez, you Americans and your holidays that don't coincide with ours...

Kristen said...