Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday ...

Do you think Mondays would suck as much as they do if they weren't the start of the work week?

I was in a bad mood all day. I got plenty of sleep, actually ate breakfast for once. Had a decent lunch break, a relatively early day, did some dishes and had a good dinner.

Nothing bad happened today, in fact it was a pretty smooth day with no bumps, no major irritations, no real negatives.

Ugh ... freaking Mondays.


JMai said...

So I shouldn't rub it in your face that I have the day off?

Damn. Too late. -s-

terry said...

me too.

(ducking to avoid anything you might throw at me.)

EvilDodger said...


Momentarily_Distracted said...

I had to work, too.
Sure it's not your thumb acting up?
*kisses to make it better*
Some days are just like that. Hope you feel better soon. :)