Thursday, March 01, 2007

things actually got done today ...

• All my work for day, and early to boot.

• Four loads of laundry, almost all of it heavy stuff like jeans.

• Dinner cooked and eaten.

• Fan cleaned.

• Air conditioner cleaned.

• Toilet cleaned.

... and maybe I'll even get around to folding that laundry and putting it away ... heh


Natalia said... are doing far better than I am on the housekeeping, darling. It's a war zone in my condo at the moment. But I have good reasons. :)


terry said...

a peeker??

i'm not even sure what that is.

April said...

wanna do my laundry, too?


Anonymous said...

I have people for all that lol

Come play!

Stealth said...

I want my laundry done damnit!!

I still have my cardddddddd

Anonymous said...

Your tags crack me up! I have a '55 Chevy, btw...