Sunday, April 29, 2007

hopes for Monday ...

So the electricians worked Friday ... and then Sunday (today). I talked to the main electrician about 10 minutes ago, and everything is done from their end. All that's needed is a government safety inspection, then reconnection of lines by the power utility. He's pretty confident power will be back on at the building in the afternoon ... and only 10 days after we lost it.


Some of the things that I've done since losing power:

• Cleaned up a bit, throwing a lot more junk out (and some more still to come).

• Watched a lot of movies this week (air-conditioned theaters, no TV/cable) -- in no particular order, I've seen "Shooter," "Fracture," and "In the Land of Women." In about 30 minutes, it'll either be "Next" starring Nicholas Cage or "Blades of Glory."

• Sweated in the semi-dark, including whilst trying to sleep. I think I've only had one real good, long, restful night of sleep in my apartment ... it was very rainy Saturday night, so it was cool and breezy all the way up till noon.

• I've driven my truck more in the last 10 days than in the previous month. The homebody became a leaving-the-hot-dark-homebody.

• Found an Internet cafe that is very cool and helpful, even though I'm the only one over 21 playing World of Warcraft there at varying hours.

• Eaten a lot of cheap meals in cheap restaurants.

• Read four books and have just started my fifth.

• Played poker twice ... losing both nights on bad beats, unfortunately.

• Just today I: ate a lazy breakfast at a diner-esque place and did the Sunday crossword puzzle; got the oil on my truck changed (long overdue); saw a movie; went to the bookstore (and bought the fifth book mentioned above); bought a new bed, complete with frame, headboard and nightstand, as well as a new, comfy desk chair; moved said furniture up into my apartment; swept the stairs up to my apartment, as well as most of the living room ... and I'm currently blogging and almost ready to head for the theaters.

That's it ... look for a much more boring week ahead for me ... IF the power actually is reconnected tomorrow.


Madame X said...

Blades if Glory, I so need to see that.

So what are the books that you read?

Lustus.Mihi said...

You're tougher than me that's for sure! No power that long I'd be babbling to myself in a corner! Oh wait - I already do that...

*crosses fingers for Dzer's power to be fully restored immediately*

Anonymous said...

about fucking time!!

i'm reading the first of the last 2 JD Robbs that I missed... lol

Natalia said...

It is weird how changes in your place of residence can alter the rhythm of your routines, huh?


terry said...

this is ridiculous, the amount of time it's taken to get the power back on in your abode...

you'd better get a major break on your rent. SERIOUSLY.

p.s. i loved all the guam facts on colbert...