Thursday, May 03, 2007

the update ...

I guess this will teach me to refrain from optimism.

I didn't take a new place because work was being done and I thought I'd soon have power and thus be able to keep living the cheap rent life.

Yesterday — Wednesday, the inspector came out and OK'd the work. A little after 1 p.m., as I was leaving my apartment, a power utility bucket truck was on the scene. I did a little internal "woo-hoo," thinking I'd have power when I got home later that afternoon.

I didn't.

Seems the electrician botched things. When the utility went to energize the lines, there was a short on the building side. According to the power guys, the work never should have passed inspection.

Nice, huh?

The building owner's representative hates me and one other tenant, who have been constantly bitching about the situation. He told her that she complains too much. Over piddling things, like not having power for 12 days ... 13 now.

As I left, the electrician was on the scene. I talked to the other tenant last night, who said she was told things would be fixed today, and we'd have power again.

I won't hold my breath.

The building owner's representative has threated to find a way to block power from my unit once power is restored, and he and the electrician were standing at the bottom of my stairwell near my power meter when I left today.

So you might want to check back here in the next few days, as My Favorite Person has the "keys" here, just in case I'm indicted for murder or something of that sort ...


terry said...

you are SOOOO not paying rent for those days you've been without power...

TG said...

OMG! He's a complete ASS!!! Let me at him Dz!!! We'll go to jail together!!! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

LOL... yes when you make your one phone call to me from jail, i'll be sure and post!