Monday, August 27, 2007

vacation ... sort of ...

I'm off for this whole entire week ... unless something happens and I need to come in. LOL

In order to make this happen, I got a to do pretty much a large part of my section done ahead of time, which meant Sunday, because I procrastinate.

I pretty much have to do this now, because week after next my new assistant editor starts, a copy editor leaves, and a freelancer starts to take over that position. Then, in a month or so, I lose another one for a bit, as she will deliver her baby then.

So today (Monday), I get a call that one copy editor had to drive another one to the hospital ER around 3 p.m. The driver came back and the other is OK, but I was on red alert for a while. Then, early evening, my toilet water regulator thing pretty much gave out and it took a while for the plumber to get here. The shutoff valve on the toilet didn't work, and my water meter was locked, so basically I got a flooded bathroom. Luckily, the fix was relatively easy once the plumber got here, and I can deduct the $145 fee (night service extra) from my rent.

Boy ... I can't WAIT for Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

i wish i was on vaca :(

i'd rather deal with that other stuff than have to actually go in to work

terry said...

that's not much of a vaca, being on call and all. i think you need to go away and let them manage on their own!

SignGurl said...

Toilets suck! Especially when they won't.