Tuesday, July 12, 2005

lost bank card ...

Somewhere between Monday evening, when I withdrew $60 from a neighborhood ATM, and earlier tonight, I lost my bank VISA check card.

I looked everywhere for it — in my house, in my truck, and at every place I took out my wallet from then till now — with no luck. I had to call the bank and cancel it, and get a new one reissued. This is where Guam's distance from everything is a major pain in the ass — it will take 7-10 days for the new card to get here, according to the operator. Which means 10 days to three weeks.

And that means I will actually have to go into banks to get money out. I don't think I ever really appreciated how often I use my VISA check card for transactions. I hate dealing with banks, and now I'm gonna be stuck with dealing with them on an all-too-frequent basis. Bleah.

The new card can't come TOO soon.


Blahggraider said...

Twice I've had a bank call me and tell me they had my bank card before I missed it. Seems I would leave it in the ATM machine early in the morning.

DZER said...

you are a lucky man. I wish that would have been the case for me. I feel so ... antiquated ... without my check card.

I actually had to take a check into the bank and write it out to "cash" today. What a pain! How did our ancestors to it for so long?!?