Thursday, July 14, 2005

million dollar baby

Wow. What a great movie.

I've always been a Clint Eastwood fan, going all the way back. I even like the "any which way" movies ... I like "Bronco Billy."

But he's become much more than a great actor; he's also a great director, and that was once again proven with "Million Dollar Baby."

I don't get the backlash the movie caused. Why do the extreme groups always have to turn things into causes? I couldn't believe the flak this movie caused over the whole right-to-die issue. This is the kind of movie that should create and cause serious discussion, yes ... but why do groups and people always have to turn it into a militant spewing of condemnation and judgment?

Rational discussion has nearly evaporated. What we need to do is to make all of these people take debate courses. Argue your point and argue it well and with conviction, but also with an open mind. Know that your position could be wrong. If the argument against you is compelling, be willing to accept it. At the very least, do the whole "agree to disagree" thing. Hell, even if you're right, respect the position of the other person.

Unless, of course, they're so full of shit that you have no choice but to belittle and ridicule them.


da buttah said...

you liked it? i saw it on my flight to japan, which probably didn't help the movies cause....but, i didn't imagine it would be as sad as it was. i do have a new found respect for hillary swank, and i agree clint did a great job, but, dear sad!

DZER said...

for being the first-ever person I don't know to post a response to my drivel, I shall love thee forever and carry thee always in mine heart ... *fluttering eyelashes in a surprisingly masculine way*

but yes; I did like the movie. I'm a sucker for sad movies; happy, sappy endings aren't very real for me. I like to see hearts broken, loved ones die and dreams wither in the wind ...

sick, but that's just me ...

da buttah said...

no i agree. i'm not all about butterfly encrusted endings..i want pain...suffering

i always swore i'd write a romantic comedy where the guy fucked up and the girl goes "fuck you" and moves on....all in due time though

just....that movie was so sad. i guess i just didn't like it cause i cried like the lil bitch i am in business class on a plane from japan. embarassing!