Sunday, January 08, 2006

CCL ... and stripperati maximus ...

Just wanted to get that outta the way. Of course, the number of posts doesn't include DZEROTICA or DZER's Guam PIcs. If those were factored in, the total would be 341 ... but who marks their 341st post? LOL

And now for something completely stripperish

♥ Time spent at Club Crazy Horse in Tumon: 1.75 hours.

♥ Number of strippers who took the stage in that time frame: Six.

♥ Number of strippers who sat down with me: Two, at two different points.

♥ Number of drinks bought for Yvette: Two, for a total of $40. She's my favorite. Great pole work, lots of attitude and confidence. Fun and not overly focused on the money. No, seriously. LOL ... oh ... and VERY affectionate. She likes me ... she really, REALLY likes me! heh.

♥ Number of beers I consumed: Two.

♥ Number of times I was bitten: Twice. Only one time that hurt though.

♥ Time spent getting my neck kissed and sucked: About 5 minutes.

♥ Stolen kisses: Two.

♥ Number of titties I touched: Five ... and no, there wasn't a mutant, three-titted stripper or a one-tittied stripper ... one girl was just a little stingy ... LOL

♥ Number of tongues slipped between my lips: One.

♥ Number of tongues slipped into my ear: One.

♥ Phone numbers received from strippers: One. Heh.

♥ Number of strippers who asked me if I was going to jack off thinking about them when I got home: Two.


Everything Nice said...

I'm proud to be a Dzerette..

DZER said...

welcome aboard ... we're still working on the full manual ... LOL

but the membership kit is on the way ;)

Suze said...

And did you Dzer? LOL.

Suze said...

Dzer, I have bought in all the ingredients for one of your famous fried bacon sammich.

Alex and I are having them for lunch tomorrow. No, I'll correct that I will probably be having one. LOL.

BTW, looking forward to your entry. Ooh, er!

SignGurl said...

Yes, Duane, enquiring minds want to know....

grainne said...

250...hmmm does that warrant spankings like a "birfday"? How about 250 naughty whispered words?? ~L~ Here is to at least another 250 posts!

As for the strippers...~L~ that one that hurt when she bit for for still not having a puppy ~wink~ I am glad you had fun and what the Dzerettes would not give to be able to see you in full blown Dzer-tude in a strip club...~LOL~ I have to imagine you are still adorable !

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

(heart icon) Number of times Dzer actually did jack off to the thought of said strippers: ?????

DZER said...

suze: did I what? LOL ... and I hope your sammiches turn out HALF as good as mine did ... and looking forward to entering! LOL

jenn: what do inquiring minds want to know, exactly? LOL

grainne: it was an accidental biting when she was going for my dollar bill, which she had tucked into my collar ... she was mortified ... but at least it wasn't bleeding LOL .. and aren't I pretty much ALWAYS adorable? ;)

always aroused girl: inside the club? or when I got home? LOL

Mike said...

Thanks for the update...will this 'research' be published in a world reknown publication as well?,Hustler)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

All. Both. Whatever.

More than once? Damn...

SignGurl said...

You know what inquiring minds want to know.......Did you spank the one eyed monster?

sassinak said...

*daring confession*
i don't actually want to know if he did or did not... spank.

but i'm the prude of the family...

Shay said...

Well well well
sounds like a good night at the strip club! You're a very lucky man!

DZER said...

mike: since when isn't my blog a world-renowned publication? LOL

always aroused girl: ah ... OK ... now I see what you're asking ... ;)

jenn: oho! when? where? LOL

sass: LOL ... good for you!!

shay: I'm not all that lucky ... I just know how things work and tip well ... LOL