Monday, January 09, 2006

tuesday is gonna suck ...

Tuesday is less than an hour away for me and I already know that it's not gonna be a great day for DZER.

I know this for various and sundry reasons, which I shall now list for you.

• I have to wake up a good hour and a half earlier than I normally have to get up on a weekend. The reason: A very big and important business meeting. We're going to be talking about making some major changes, and the discussion will start around 8 a.m. at a hotel in Tumon. That means waking up around 7:30 a.m. and getting out of the house within about 10 minutes to get there on time.

• The decisions that begin with this meeting could shake up my job, in both good and bad ways. I may end up getting a broader title, and thus broader (and more) duties. See? Both good and bad. LOL

• Right after the meeting, I get to go to my dentist — my new dentist. I had to leave my old dentist, who was amazing and super skilled, because it's just too difficult to get an appointment. The new guy has been OK so far, but tomorrow I get to have two teeth extracted — a molar and a crumbling, close-to-killing-me wisdom tooth, the last wisdom tooth I have left. I should have gotten it pulled years ago with another one of them, but figured hey, it's not hurting me; why bother? Ai ki diablo!
• My teeth suck. They don't look so bad when you're looking at me, thank goodness — I'm not doffe' at least! (Ask Oh So Wonderful for a definition! LOL) ... but I have some kind of weak enamel that makes it extra susceptible to decay. I've had parts of teeth fall off while chewing crunch food ... ugh, I know. I'm sure I'll be a posterboy for dentures before too long.

• I know for sure that I have pissed off one friend (my best one) because I was grumpy and feeling neglected and because I'm basically a whiny, bitching ass — despite the supercool, superfunny, Mr. Nice Guy image I cultivate LOL. So she's going to be mad at me for at least a day, if not longer, and somewhat justifiably so. Hopefully this open confession of my never-ending idiocy and this apology — I'm sorry — will ameliorate the situation.

• I'm pretty sure I've pissed off someone else too; or at least it's a good possibility once the person wakes up. LOL

• Also, I still have to fold and iron laundry, which I'm unlikely to get to tonight. Well, even if I did, I wouldn't finish until Tuesday ... in about 40 minutes. Bleah.

• I'm one day closer to turning 37; 5 days left till Sunday. Gadzoinks.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day
• One of Guam's nicknames is "The Gateway to Micronesia."

Yeah, it sucks as an RGFOTD ... but they can't all be winners.


gigi said...

37? Yeah, the shit hit the fan at 37!

DZER said...

gigi: my 37 is much older than your 37 was ... at least you were in shape when you hit it ... and weren't a smoker for 20 years ;)

this one is gonna be painful ... I can feel it LOL

Chrissie said...

Think of it this way... you are a lot healthier at a few days -37 than you were at a few days -36. Your lungs are healthier and back to nice pink flesh. You have a chance to do some physical exercise without going into an asthma attack or worse. Now the next step is to get the PUPPY and start walking it! Did you call your friend with the puppies? Butthead? You know if you REALLY wanted to make me forgive you for being a whiney ASS then you could get a puppy and name it Minxie *L* a vicious pit bull named Minxie... yep! Perfect!

Chrissie said...

PS... who else did you piss off?

Chrissie said...

oh and btw... cute addition to your name... i still want the luvbug one

DZER said...

but of course the puppy will be named Minxie ... what else? LOL

and I told ya ... I don't have the luvbug one :P

Natalia said...

37 sounds like a lovely age, darling.
Sorry about the sucky Tuesday... does this mean you will be visiting Hunter again?


grainne said...

37 and you are complaining?? Give me a break here - at 42 years old, I hate people who are that much younger than I am whining about how old they are when they are not even reaching one of those big 0 birthdays !

You are nothing more than a young puppy in my eyes - young pup who needs a young puppy to keep him occupied ! I wish you would just give in, listen to Chrissie who knows what is best for you and go get a furball...maybe a gift for you from you for your birfday??

As for the tooth thing...OUCHIES but it's better to get it taken care of now before you have to deal with any more pain. Taking a day off I hope so you can stay home and rest a little bit.

Work? Well odds are you have been under utilized at work...sounds like a great thing they are recognizing your talents/skills and putting them to better use...however that is a workaholic's view...~L~ hope you are sleeping since you have an unusual early morning !

Hubris said...

I'm probably the youngin' at 27 here, but a very happy birthday to ya all the same! (in advance of course) If I sent you a chili dog for your B-day, would it be edible by the time it got there?

Everything Nice said...

So DZER, I spelled your name wrong on the comments and then sincerely apologized four comments down.

Since you'll most likely over-react when you see it I thought I would pre-empt your rage and sincerely apologize here.

K, good.

Suze said...

Dzer, hope all goes well with your meeting. If it doesn't don't bite them. LOL.

Mike said...

I'm thinking if they broaden your responsibilities they outta broaden your pay...and if they should....I personally wouldn't invest in a

Steppin' On Toes said...

Actually I liked the Guam fact. I always loved the name Micronesia.

Anyway I hope the meeting goes good and that your teeth won't give you any probs. Take care.

SignGurl said...

37 wasn't so painful for me just a few weeks back. Although it is so much closer to 40! Yikes!

I hope the trip to the dentist leaves you feeling better.

Bill Jones, Jr said...

Hey, good luck on the new position. I hope it works out for you. You think 37 is bad? I spit on 37! Ptooi!! Call me in about 10 years. :)

da buttah said...

i had my wisdom teeth taken out when i was 16


hope the meeting goes well. Mwahzies!

DZER said...

nat: maybe over the weekend I will visit the girls of Crazy Horse. LOL

grainne: my body's lived a hard life ... far longer than my almost 37 years. LOL ... and I know you enjoy being a workaholic; not all of us do though. LOL

hedonist: odds are it would be bad by then. LOL

e.n.: whatever

suze: good advice, love!

mike: I'm with ya on the more pay thing!

jax: yay! someone liked the RGFOTD!

jenn: we coulda been school buddies! LOL

sabledawn: thanks pard ... and it ain't my fault yer old! LOL

buttah: workin on it darlin' ... and thanks!!

SignGurl said...

Class of '87 baby! We rocked the hizzouse!

We're getting old dude and there's no way to stop it. :-(

Chrissie said...

*rme* pre-empting your over reaction... LMAO

stupid lol

Good Come back Babe! You must be pickin up some minxieness.. that was a great "whatever"

DZER said...

jenn: class of 87 rocked and still rocks!! LOL

chrissie: after one has been "whatevered" as many times as I have (99.8 percent of the time by a masterful whateverer such as yourself LOL), you learn a little bit of the art form ;)

and dang ... must have just missed you as I left the house. talk to you in the a.m. *smooch*

ell said...

good luck with your meeting tomorrow, d. and the dentist. maybe you'll get some of that amazing laughing gas and forget all your troubles for a while. and 37 is a rockin' age! you're in your prime!

DZER said...

ell ... thanks ... though my tuesday was your monday and it's over now ... whew! LOL

prime? like the rib? ;)