Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DZER gets political ...

WARNING: This is not one of my typical fun and humorous posts. Neither is it one of my looking back/memory posts. It also isn't one of those times I get all deep and personal. It's a bit political ... and serious ... and dry ... LOL ... Read on at your own peril; you have been warned!!
Anyone else noticed that February is almost gone already? That's right, almost 1/6th of the year is about gone. How the fuck did that happen?

How does the year seem to drag along, slowly and painfully, and then you look up and it's almost March already? I guess inexorable boredom can go by quickly if you're not paying very close attention.

Speaking of time ... The word "it" is a pronoun that, according to Merriam-Webster, that is "used as subject or direct object or indirect object of a verb or object of a preposition, usually in reference to a lifeless thing." So here's my question. When someone asks, "What time is it?" ... to what does "it" refer to/take the place of?

Ah, the fun of words.
I want to become an official pundit. It seems like it doesn't take much to be one — just a hard-line philosophy with immovable stances and positions on subjects.

One of the biggest problems with America is the "my way is the only right way" mentality — of politicians, media wonks, policymakers, etc. The inability to compromise and work together for the greater good has lessened us as a nation. Why do people think you have to be defined as "liberal" or "conservative," "Democrat" or "Republican," or what have you? Why does conservative automatically translate to "rich, capitalist, war-mongering Christian Republican" and liberal to "socialistic, weak, unpatriotic godless Democrat?"

Why can't we be conservative on some issues and liberal on others?

And why can't people, when presented with an overwhelming amount of evidence that goes against their view, belief, opinion, etc., say, "Well shit! I was wrong! Know I know better, am better informed and thus can make better decisions!"?

If conservative Republicanism and liberal Democratism (not real words, I know) had been around for the bulk of the last millenium, there would still be people who staunchly believed that the world was flat and that sun revolved around us.

Sorry for the political rant, but I'm just so tired of hypocrites and fanatics.

Here's my thing: If you think that a president should be impeached for lying about getting a blowjob, you should also agree that a president should be impeached for lying about reasons behind U.S. involvement in wars. If something is intrinsically wrong for one party, be it Republican or Democrat, and you berate the opposite side for doing it, if the same thing later occurs in your party, you have to berate those who did it with equal measure. If it's wrong for Democrats to do, it's wrong for Republicans. If it's wrong that Republicans do something in a certain way, it's just as wrong for Democrats.
Oh, and since when does being critical of a presidential administration equal non-patriotism or anti-Americanism?

I guess it's because criticism, these days, is so often just for the sake of criticizing. The forgotten element is that critiques are meant to identify problems and fix them, or to improve bad situations. Constructive criticism is helpful, is good.

So don't just say something is wrong, or an action is bad, or a person is an idiot. Offer a reasonable solution along with your criticism.

Listen to criticism instead of being instantly dismissive of it. Don't automatically think that because someone doesn't totally agree with you that they're wrong. Realize there are often several sides to every issue, and that there are degrees of difference.

Free yourself to be more accepting, understanding and open-minded.
And if you don't agree with any of this ... well, that's your right. You're wrong, but you have a right to be wrong. ;)


Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Up until the 1970s, Guam's political parties weren't affiliated with the national Republican and Democratic parties, and weren't called that either. There was a Territorial Party I know for sure, plus one or two other parties. I'm pretty sure the only reason we adopted "Republican" and "Democrat" was to attend national conventions. Heh.


Madame X said...

Nicely done Mr. D!!!!

da buttah said...


and yea, i can't believe it's almost march. yarg. my brother is turning 30!! HAH!!

DZER said...

madame x: thank you, darlin' ... :)

buttah: *bows* thanks dahlink! ... and no shit? Thanks for making my 37-year-old ass feel even older LOL

Chrissie said...

I just took a test for B's government class... I was told I answered the survey with 11 liberal answers and 9 conservative. LOL Ok. Yeah that’s about right these days I guess. I am registered as a Rep and in the past years have almost always leaned more towards Dem voting.

You know how I feel about Bush so I won’t even go there, besides you already said. lol I’ll just say ditto!

And that last bit... I don’t fuckin know! I mean... isn’t the whole thing about BEING an American and being “free”... isn’t it about being able to voice your own beliefs whatever they may be? For standing up for those beliefs and for questioning your government?? Isn’t that WHY we are allowed to elect them? It wasn’t a friggin unanimous decision that Bush (or any other politician) be elected...

Shit I have to get to work here I guess that means I should fix myself in some fashion lol

DZER said...

chrissie: you middle of the roader!! LOL

and about the last part ... I don't question anyone's right to say what they say, believe what they believe ... I guess I meant more of the rigid thinkers who refuse to change their minds even when they're proven wrong ... I'm not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking ... even though it's a mostly pretty good way of thinking LOL

Chrissie said...

I wasn’t saying you were trying to convert anyone… I was talking about the people who say its unamerican blah blah blah when people don’t support bush or the war. You can be supportive of the soldiers without supporting the entire war. But I do agree that most of your thoughts are pretty good. ;) Must be why I like ya so much LOL we usually agree for the most part

DZER said...

chrissie: ah that part ... and you're right ...

and yay! mostly pretty good thoughts! spanks you very much!


murphy said...

fuck it I'm moving to Guam and joining D's hippy commune/dart supply internet store

terry said...

amen, dzer....well said.

Alex said...

Well said. The art of criticism and debate has been stifled over here in the UK too. The two main parties Labour (Democrats-ish) and Conservative (Republican-ish), tend to criticise each other and only applaud the other’s achievements if there is political mileage in it. We have lots of parties, but unless you’re a polarised politician, votes can be hard to come by.

I remember one politician recounting that at political rallies in the 1920s the speakers would be heckled by people from their own and opposing parties. The speakers would address the issues raised on the hoof. A real debate. At the last Labour conference one man (a man in his 70s or 80s I think) who heckled the speaker was physically ejected from the conference hall.

We all have an opinion and a right to our own views. But we also have an obligation listen to the views of others.

I’m proud to say that a) You would never guess what political party I vote for, because I am not constricted by slavish loyalty to one party, and b) Even Suze doesn’t know who I vote for, as while we discuss politics, religion, environmental issues and what have you my vote is a secret between me and the ballot box.

Snow White said...

I agree with your political rant. But isn't that why some folks are "Independents" rather than "Democrats" or "Republicans"? (and should that question mark have been inside the quotation marks?) And when using ( )'s, where do you punctuate? And if I'm a teacher of English, shouldn't I know all of this? [focus, Snow, focus]

DZER said...

murphy: plenty of room here! heh

terry: thanks, darlin'!

alex: I couldn't be prouder of you if you were American! LOL Good on ya!

snow white: but Independent isn't really a party, per se. There are independent parties, and you can identify yourself as Independent, but the reality is if you are an Independent politician, you are not going to get things done because you won't be elected into high office. And yes, the question mark should have been inside LOL.

Snow White said...

Of course you're right... on all counts. I suppose, in a "perfect world" all politicians would be "independent." (got it that time!) But I don't see that happening anytime soon. The best part about our current president is that this job got him out of the "great state." Unfortunately, there were plenty of other "suits" waiting to take his place. Ah well, what would the morning shows have to talk about if not politics? :)

DZER said...

snow white: sex and sports? heh