Friday, February 24, 2006

bribe for hat arrives ...

... I mean, the winning entry in the Win DZER's Guam Hat Contest has arrived here from England!

Yes, as we all remember, I offered a hat I wore in a Half-Nekkid Thursday post to the best offer. The winners were , with the offer of Alex's synesthesia pastel drawing.

And here it is:
Ain't it grand? It will receive a place of honor here in DZERLAND.

The hat is now on its way to jolly old England, where we all are hoping that Suze uses the hat for a VERY special HNT. Heh.

To Alex & Suze — sorry again about the delays. I hope it gets there post-haste!

A quick word
Just to let folks know, between work, poker, strippers and the like, I have not only not had time to dedicate to working on my blog, but I haven't had time to visit most of yours either, or at least not to post. I also have pretty much ignored e-mails, too. I promise to catch up this weekend. *smoochy-booches*

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam's time zone is Greenwich Mean Time +10. Just in case you wanted to know what time it is here.


Mike said...

Hey...looks that that 'stasche' might finally be taking shape there

Suze said...

Dzer, happy to see it arrived in one piece. You had us worried there for a while.

Hope to see you at our place soon.

*smooches, hugs and kisses*

DZER said...

mike: it will never be the whisk broom that yours is, but it's coming along LOL

suze: sorry Guam is so far from the U.K. ... I think that was the delay ... hope to be there soon myself ;)

Hubris said...

whisk broom... *pees pants laughing*

cutieehpatootie said...

So whatcha gonna do with the pix???? Is it up for grabs?

DZER said...

hedonist: nice to know I "keeeeeel" others besides myself ... LOL

cutieehpatootie: the pic is all mine! I took it in trade for my HNT hat ... it's going to be placed in a nice location in my abode! :)

cutieehpatootie said...

Lucky Ass!!!!

Don't-cha eva sleep! It's 4 a.m. for gaudsakes!

In case you didn't know I'm Jax's friend!

Love your site, I'm trying to link it to my blogsite as we speak!
I'm titling it ~Only For The Bold~

Alex said...

Seems kinda strange knowing that something I created is half way round the world.

Funny how you get used to the instant nature of email, whereas getting a real object to someone, while slower, is infinitely more satisfying.

P.S. I can't think of two better reasons to neglect your emails, poker and strippers. *Slap* Sorry Suze, apart from you.

TequilaGirl said...

Very cool pic Alex!

Hi Dz!

SignGurl said...

I'm hoping that BOTH Alex and Suze will take special pictures with the hat. That would be almost too much. Almost!

kathi said...

darlin, just how naked are you sitting in front of your puter all the time.

sassinak said...

kath really now do you actually want to know

if it's any consolation dzer i'm at least as busy and feeling at least as busy for my neglect


Chrissie said...

very cool... lucky you...

yep, it's me.... said...

wow - talent!

DZER said...

cutieehpatootie: I remember your name from her site ... and oh, I stay up late, late, late on Friday nights LOL

alex: isn't it though? the satisfaction part, I mean ... and when's it my turn to be spanked by Suze? heh.

tequila girl: hey there darlin'! and ain't it a cool pic?

jenn: I'm a guy; all I need to see is Suze ... LOL

kathi: I usually just wear shorts or cut-off sweat pants when I'm at home :P

sass: you know that you wanted to know! heh .. and sorry yer all busy too *smooches*

chrissie: ain't it coolie-most? and I'm a lucky guy ... sometimes ... LOL

velma: talent and then some! *pinch*

Shay said...

COOL!! ^_^

Shay said...

I still want a hat too tho *sniff*