Wednesday, May 03, 2006

okey-dokey then ...

Well, in an effort to drive some traffic to a couple of new erotic stories I'd recently posted, and to the pics on my photoblog, I basically didn't post anything of substance last night — just visual links to the aforementioned stories and photos.

The results: A resounding ... failure.

No significant — hell, no teeny-tiny — increase in visits or comments to DZEROTICA or DZER's Guam Pics (which is why I'm not even going to bother making them links). Only six total outclicks to both, combined.

In fact, last night's post also decreased traffic to the Diatribe. A whole 35 people came by ... and most left rather quickly.

Lesson learned.

Though it did make me question if there's any continuing purpose to having three blogs. Now that I think about it, I'm guessing that most people are like me — they have a regular list of blogs they visit, by bookmarks or otherwise. Why go to two other blogs by the same guy when you've already been to his "main" blog? And why stick around to check out what's there if the guy says "I've got nothing for you?" LOL

The rationale behind splitting my blog up into three parts — Diatribe, Pics and DZEROTICA — was, I thought, simple and clear. I thought it would actually make it easier for people to go toward themed or focused blogs instead of trying to wade through one monster blog that was a compilation of everything.

And then there's this: I've noticed that the vast majority of people only read the top post on a blog. Even if there's other new material below the top post. Even if, at the bottom of the top post, you write "another new post below." People tend to ignore the lower posts, even if they're brand-spanking new; they certainly tend to comment much less on the lower posts than the top post. I don't understand that rationale — I always scroll down a bit to make sure I haven't missed anything. But I guess that's just me ... and a couple others I can think of off the bat.

Back when there was just my one blog, there often would be multiple posts in a day — especially if I had pictures to post. So some of those posts would get ignored totally. Thus, the splitting. See?

Evidently not.

Oh well ...

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Organic Act of Guam, originally signed into law in 1950, serves as Guam's consitution. However, it's an act of Congress, and thus subject to legislative change. That's why Guam doesn't have the full rights of most U.S. citizens — no voting represenation in Congress, no vote for president (either popular or electoral).


sassinak said...

i don't know if it's just you dude, my traffic is kind of tanking also

maybe people are just going outside more?

Suze said...

Dzer, you are not alone. I can see from my stats that some visitors don't even bother to comment. Sometimes I just get comments on the smallest posts.

You just have to say to yourself, who am I doing this for? Your stats like ours will reflect the fact that your blog is very popular with the outside world. That's what counts.

I still love ya big guy. :)

Kristen said...

Hey Morning!!! I'm here........and I want to read the stories....we talked about this...just been my plan was to read this weekend......they better still be there.

Madame X said...

Comments are down all around D-Daddy!

How 'bout posting an O...worked for me!


SignGurl said...

I learned a while ago that multiple posts go ignored and 90% of the people who visit will not leave a comment. I have no clue why. I'm happy to have my 2 regular readers that I know will comment.

I've started to look at my blog as a way for myself to look back on this part of my life. Let's jus hope that Blogger doesn't go down completely forever, lol.

Your blog is one to the first two that I visit every time I log on. I don't really care what you are going to talk about. I just know that I'll like it. Even the post below.

Chrissie said...

No one comes to mine anymore lol but i'm ok with that... takes the pressure off trying to post something heh...
though i am workin on somethin lol

and as for the missed posts.. i dont travel around a lot anymore either but usually i go to the last one i read and go up from there... sometimes i comment on each but usually im way late *L* so ill put all my comments in the top one...

and you know net rules?? Traffic is always igher when its cold n rainy, one the sun comes out... people have more things to do away from the puter.

except us die (lazy) hards

LOL We have games to play :D

DZER said...

sass: sure ... blame the seasons! LOL

suze: yer such a sweetie *smooch*

madame x: I don't think anyone wants to hear my "O" LOL

signgurl: aww, such a nice comment *smooch*

chrissie: they don't come to yours because you never post; if you did they'd be there all the time ;)

LOL @ die(lazy)hards

ArtfulDodger said...

Dman - Funny you bring this up today, cause I've been thinking about this some lately. I used to have another blog where I posted my Secret Read erotic fiction only, thought it would be easier for people to find there and make for a nice collection. The thing was, no one visited! So it is gone now, instead I made a TOPIC link set on the bottom of my sidebar that links to my posts by TOPIC. But all in the same blog. That way if you want fiction, or humor, or whatnot, you can find it and its link. Seems to be working well.

As for traffic numbers, I think the weather does indeed have something to do with it. This will be my first spring/summer blogging, but you can easily see that the numbers are way down during the daylight hours and pick up again at night. But they still are no where near what they were in the fall/winter.

Many bloggers are reporting increased traffic by using BlogStormz regularly, so I encourage you to continue submitting posts on a regular basis. It is only two and a half weeks old, but it is growing fast and steadily.

Hang in there. And PS, I always read, but don't always comment. Sometimes people just don't have anything to say. It isn't a reflection on you. And PPS, if we were chicks we'd be getting much more traffic!!

terry said...

dzer, are you feeling ignored?

i know i'm not the only one checking the diatribe every day. AND i always scroll down to make sure i didn't miss anything.

you're too fun to miss.

JMai said...

Ok I'm purposely commenting on an "old" post for 2 reasons: 1. just to prove you wrong; and 2. because I actually did read this whole post this morning but didn't have time to read and comment. Some of us have to snatch moments at work while no one is looking/ pulling us in a different direction/ checking our caches (yes they actually fucking do this!!) to read bits but can't read the whole thing or make thoughtful, salient comments.

That said, I often visit and read and then choose not to comment simply because I don't feel I have anything thoughtful or salient to add! I'm a golden rule kinda gal and I really don't like it when people post comments saying "great blog!" but then never go on to say why they think it's great or leave any (ahem) thoughtful or salient comments! Lol.

I love comments so I'd rather have none than have half-assed ones, I guess.

Anyway, I love your blog even when all you do is post photos of your scrumptious lunch and make everyone's mouth water for things that are nowhere within their reach!

So nyeeahhhhh.