Sunday, July 30, 2006

catching up on a few things ...

OK ... haven't really had any meaningul posts for awhile ... and still don't. LOL

But I do have some things I've been meaning to post and haven't, thanks to: 1) my laziness; 2) my procrastinatory tendencies; 3) online poker.

A few weeks ago, a familar name popped up in my comments. My regular readers might have noticed that my youngest brother, Mark, aka The Missouri Savage, is now a regular reader/commenter on my blog. He also has his own blog, which you can (and should!) visit by clicking on his blogger I.D. above ... mucho appreciado for My Favorite Person for already doing so. I'm happy for him because he finally got a comment from someone other than me and My Favorite Person.

Mark was born almost 7 years after I was born. His birthday is Jan. 14. Mine is Jan. 15. Since I was born in 1969, he is a bicentennial baby. Of course, as a kid I hated this, because it meant the old "combined birthday" thing. My frugal and sensible parents were not about to throw two birthday parties on back-to-back days ... whose would?

And yes, I realize we look very much alike. If you want to see what I would look like if I lost a hundred pounds and change, was a couple inches shorter and could actually grow facial hair, all you have to do is look at Mark. Hmm ... maybe we can team up on a fake diet product ... me as the before pic, him just 6 months later after taking our miracle pill! LOL

As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, Mark is the only one of the George Boys who can grow real facial hair. My other brother, James, and I can grow light moustaches, but that's about it. Mark, on the other hand, is half Yeti, I think. LOL ... I've always been envious of that ability, because I want a cool beard/moustache thing! *sigh* James' talent is the ability to go out in the sun, burn a bright red, go to sleep, and wake up with a bronze tan. And if you don't know my special talent already, I'm not telling you! LOL

The George Boys are tall ... I'm about 6'5" ... James is about 6'4" ... and Mark is about 6"3", I think. We all can also burp on command ... but then again, so can the George Girls ... LOL

Mark is also an artist. He can weave, carve, bend wire and, if you read one of his older posts, he's also something of a smith ... he's even got a forge! He makes some really cool things ... I have a shark he made out of wire ... and if I remember right, I had him make a metal rose that I gave to My Favorite Person. Hopefully, he'll post some pics of some of his work.

OK ... enough about him!

• Thanks to Madame X, my bounty of $2 bills has increased! We were chatting one day and I told her how I thought $2 bills were really cool, and that I had one or two. She mentioned that she had a bunch and said she'd send me some. I didn't think anything of it, because she's promised me homemade cookies and I've never received them! LOL ... But the Madame came through on the strange denominations, so I now have two more $2 bills ... thanks, doll!!

• And my fellow hacker, Knight, couldn't resist rubbing it in that he played at one of the Meccas of golf, Oakmont Country Club. He sent me an official scorecard from the majestic place ... that lucky bastard!!

S and I went out again earlier today, with the godsons, A and J, of course. It was a beautiful day for golf. Sunny and clear pretty much the entire time. We got a little sprinkle of rain for a couple of minutes on the back nine, but then it cleared up until we were turning in the golf carts ... perfect timing!!

I started the day with a birdie ... nice drive, perfect wedge to 10 feet, smoothly stroked putt that just dropped in. Unfortunately, I couldn't sustain the momentum. I shot a 95 — no pars at all; all bogeys and double bogeys after the birdie. I left 2 par putts just barely short of the whole, and had 4 par putts just skirt the edges, as well as one bogey putt. I should have broken 90 with the way I was playing, but just couldn't put everything together for any other holes. Oh well ... it was still a good day and any time under 100 is a good day ... and so is any day playing golf with the boys.

A is just sooooo into it. He starts bugging his dad about when we're playing again about Wednesday. Last week, he went to sleep with his driver! LOL And he's started to get several good smacks off the tee on a regular basis. Today, he made three putts of about 5 to 8 feet. Jordan had fun too, though he did sleep through 2-1/2 holes. "I'm tired, Nino" ... zap. A little while later: "How long was I asleep, Nino?" LOL

OK, that's it ... hope you all had a good weekend.


Madame X said...

Those were two dollar bill COOKIES!
They were!
What happened?
They passed over the international date line and changed into paper!

TheMissouriSavage said...

Hey Big Brother.
Actually what you got granted In height, I got in facial hair. I am only 6'1 1/2. I'm already going gray as well... My red beard is now flecked with silver. And let's not forget.. You and Jamse both have full heads of hair. Mine has decided to migrate down my back and chest. You shave your head out of vanity, I shave mine out of necessity....

Chrissie said...

The rose is carved from wood! And of course I still have it...

Hmmm *raisedeyebrow* special talent...

Chrissie said...

Oh and the hat.. with the bow under your chin... :ox

Knight said...

Hey DZ... glad you got the score card, and yes... I was rubbing it in!!!

I played pretty bad, on the back 9 today... 46-53. Still under 100, but left a lot of shots out there.

RobynB said...


I love cookies!

What kind shall I send you?

Shay said...

looks like you had a great weekend with your little buddies! ^_^

JMai said...

Dude, I completely love that hat on you.

Kristen said...

What an adorable picture!!!

Natalia said...

Yaay brother! :) I like it when family gets involved. I am gonna check the blog.

Hope you had a nice weekend, darling xoxox


da buttah said...


That's kind of funny. My older brother and I are six years apart,and it always drove him nuts that my male friends who were my age always could grow more facial hair than him. he's 30 and he can't even grow sideburns, and my 24 year old best friend is a mountain man after two days.


and i know i owe you mail..i'm working on it :)

TheMissouriSavage said...

Thanks for sending people my way, Dzer....

snavy said...

I have 10 $2 bills just sitting here.

I love your hat!! Is that a Gilly??

LMAO at calling your brother a Yeti!!

ArtfulDodger said...

Dman, I'm away for a few days come back and find nothing has changed... ahhh, the reliable Dzer! Sounds like you had fun though.