Thursday, July 20, 2006

why I haven't been around much ...

I've heard from some of you readers out there, wondering why I haven't been around much, why I haven't been commenting much, why I haven't been posting so much, why I haven't been blogging at my usual times.

The answer is simple: Poker.

No, not my real, live cash games and tournaments.

Online poker.

There's finally a decent client out there for Macs, so I've been playing it to get my gambling fix. I've even skipped the last three nights of real poker to play online.

I've been playing when I get home and into the night. Actually, into the early morning hours. Been staying up till 3 or 4 a.m. playing. Been playing when I get up, all the way until I have to leave for work. Been coming home for lunch and playing then.

The major part of it is the poker, but there's an added feature that I've kind of been missing for a while -- chatting.

I was an inveterate chatter when I first got online. And that held up for years and years. Usually it was in a chatroom at Chathouse or Chatalot. But people kind of disappeared from those places, at least the people I used to chat to. I also chatted a lot on ICQ and Yahoo IM. There were times I was in a chatroom and holding up conversations with multiple people in multiple IM programs. But most of those have gone away too.

I used to have about 20-25 people on ICQ. Now there are six. And I only chat with only two of them on any kind of regular basis, and even then it's not really the same, mostly because none of us spend the same kind of time online, or the same hours online, as we used to.

Same with Yahoo. I have 19 people on my Yahoo IM. And, again, there's only a few I chat with there on a regular basis ... heck, I wouldn't even call it regular. Semi-regular.

But four of those have been added in the last few days. And yes, all of them women. All of them from chatting in poker rooms, being a little flirtatious and teasing ... then exchanging Yahoo IM's and chatting there a bit. I even had a short phone conversation with an interesting woman from Las Vegas, until my phone died.

Side note: I need to get a new phone. The handset battery doesn't fully recharge, so I only have about 10 mins of talk time there. And my cell phone has been cutting out in my apartment recently too.

I really miss flirtatious chat. I found out just how much thanks to the online poker rooms. It's one thing to do so over e-mail or in comments, but that instantaneous thing is lacking there. It's not really chatting going back and forth with comments in either of those two mediums.

OK ... that's enough blogging. Time for a quick look around the blogosphere and then back to the poker rooms!

OH ... but I didn't forget the early HNT from Guam ...
A bemused DZER.

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Heather said...


I'm first..

This is totally out of left field.. I'm guessing.. speculating actually.. that you like to gamble.. lol

Great pic!


Madame X said...

D those glasses look so hot!
You are one sexy motha fucker, you no shirt wearing Guammy guy!

Did you ever get the snail mail I sent you?

Suze said...

Do you need a little help kicking the habit? I'll help to take your mind off things.

Lovely cheeky shot with your baby blues.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

m_o_o_nspells said...

Okay, I'll try this AGAIN...stoopid Blogger! :oP

Thanks for the b-day wishes and I'll *try* not to disappoint on Thursday...the pressure!!! ;o)
Love me some Hold'em! Can't wait for the 29th...we've finally gotten another home game together (after a hiatus of MANY months!) and I'm SO ready to play!
Have fun on-line and HEarlyHNT!

m_o_o_nspells said...

'K, I'm posting this YET AGAIN because, although I can see it here when I go to comment again, it doesn't appear in the regular comments section. I AM gonna to start takin' this personally soon... :o|

"Okay, I'll try this AGAIN...stoopid Blogger! :oP
Thanks for the b-day wishes and I'll *try* not to disappoint on Thursday...the pressure!!! ;o)
Love me some Hold'em! Can't wait for the 29th...we've finally gotten another home game together (after a hiatus of MANY months!) and I'm SO ready to play!
Have fun on-line and HEarlyHNT!"

Hopefully, third time's the charm...damn you, comment gods...

Grace said...

Would you look at them eyes!

SignGurl said...

Online poker is so addictive. I was playing about 6 hours a day after work and only sleeping about 3 hours a night. Something had to give. That's when I took up blogging :)

I'm swooning again over those big blue eyes.

Kristen said...

Whew, I was worried........

Kiss me Dz

terry said...

those ARE great glasses. they actually do your gorgeous eyes justice.

do we need to stage a poker intervention??

JMai said...

Love the bemused nostrils.

Nat actually introduced me to the internet, and specifically online chat, several years ago... little site that is no longer but I still chat with some of the people that I met... and I have a good friend (and a place to crash when in London) as a result of it.

Pyrhonik said...

I hear you buddy. You'll find me at pokerstars most nights.

Chatting was my second internet addiction: the Pillow Talk Lounge at Bianca Trolls back in 1994! Not quite the same place now, but still fun to visit on occasion. And I still run into old friends there.

Live chat when you're playing poker is a lot of fun. What's the deal with a Mac and Poker sites? I should think that HTML would work better on a Mac!

Jon said...

Do you find you win more on-line that with your regular games? Just wondering if there is some good bluffers on-line.

Mimi said...

I hear ya....the chat thing is so freakin addicting. I started out in AOL chatrooms-Short Skirts at Work, lol pretty racy in its time for AOL. Then moved on to other more sordid places (VEG). But like all things they came to an end. But damn it was fun! I miss it too.

Sunny Delight said...

oohh you have this poker thing bad doncha? great pic, and i know what you mean about the immediacy of chat and im,much more fun...;) HHNT!

Chrissie said...


nice pic ;)

Natalia said...

Still those baby blues shine on.