Friday, October 13, 2006

i've got the power ...

So my usually uneventful Thursday evening was interrupted around 10:30 p.m. by some kind of weird brownout thing -- I heard a kind of loud "thunk" outside and then the voltage suddenly went all weird, lights went down to low orange, air con went funky, etc.

I looked outside, and everyone still had power, even the streetlights. Just my apartment building.

I thought I was totally screwed.

I called the power utility here, and they answered after two rings -- miraculous! -- and the guy took my address and the problem I was having, along with my phone number. I really didn't expect much. But he calls back a while later, telling me a crew was on the way and clarifying directions. A little while later, the crew showed up, I re-explained my problem, and one of them went up in the bucket. A few minutes later, after some adjustments to a doohickey and other stuff, my power was back on!

Full resolution in less than an hour and a half ... late at night.

I admit that I'm still stunned.

I didn't get the two guys' names, but tomorrow I'm going to write a letter to the GM and the manager of the dispatch station and thank them profusely and commend the guys who got me full, clean power back in such a quick time.

It was just in time to allow me to play World of Warcraft with My Favorite Person for about 30 minutes before she headed to work. :)

Oh ... here's my character, a human warrior.

Don't he look just like me, if I were a video character? And fit? And muscular? And could grow a mustache? LOL

He'll get more impressive as I level him up and get him some better gear.

OK ... time for bed!!


Madame X said...

Nice pants.
You have a pair like that?

ell said...

baldythebig? now there's a superhero name if ever i heard one.

sassinak said...

1. love your new avatar
2. i appreciate you writing a note like that, too few people do.
3. your character is kinda hot

Kristen said...

I'm strangely turned on by the character

crabcake said...

You do realize that you have now witnessed an official miracle? Right? They never get the power back that fast here. Crap! they never answer the friggin phone at the power company here.

Warcraft? I need to look up that game. I love video games. I'm seriously hooked on them.
Baldythebig? ahhhhhhhhh ha ha ha!

SignGurl said...

My mother works for the power company that powers 50% of Michigan and even she can't get service like that!

ArtfulDodger said...

You need to save up for some new pants. And wow, that was cool that they actually showed up. Very unusual, maybe something weird is going on... maybe, just maybe, the power company has been overun by aliens and this increased level of service is just a cover to lure you Guamits into a sense of well-being before they strike and eat your brains... or maybe not.

Spitfire said...

your new avatar cracks me up, and I always figured you as the Dr Dre in that video somewhere on my log bailing out his dzerettes...

I like your character, he looks all big and badass like you :->

RobynB said...

Got to appreciate life's little miracles :)

Great Avy!

DZER said...

madame x: only in black ;)

ell: thanks, darlin'!!

sass: well, they deserve it ... and thanks! *avatar winks*

kristen: nice to know you think I'm virtually hot LOL

crabcake: I definitely was shocked to have them pick up the phone, and then come out and fix it that quick!!

signgurl: the stars lined up for me last night!

dodger: you know you want those pants! and maybe they put in some kind of surveillance device?

spitefire: you like 'em big and badass? ;)

robyn: yes, you do ... and thanks!

terry said...

you're way hotter than baldythebig.

i'm just sayin'.

Chrissie said...

so where are you today??

Heather said...

Just so you know.. WOW is a tool of Satan, LOL.. My 15 yr old cannot function.. He MUST play..I'm not allowed to speak to him during play or risk being beheaded..

Just so you know..

Now go level up, find some gold, complete some quests, forge some tools, and kick some Hordes ASS!
(assuming you are on the side of the Alliance)

Natalia said...