Monday, October 09, 2006

meme, myself and I …

Stolen from the snazziness that is da buttah, I present to you the things that excite me, delight me, frighten me and fascinate me.

What excites me:
• The prospect of a big change.

• Knowing I’ll be playing golf at a nice course with good friends.

• The husky, low voice of sexy woman talking dirty to me on the phone.

• A good lap dance from a hot stripper.
What delights me:
• The laughter of my godchildren.

• Opening Christmas presents.

• Winning a big poker hand.

• Dominating others in a game, especially word-related.
What frightens me:
• The prospect of a big change.

• Sharks.

• Asking a woman out.

• The prospect of death.
What fascinates me:
• History Channel shows/documentaries.

• The female form.

• Dinosaurs.

• The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and David Gemmell.


ArtfulDodger said...

please put "the female form" above the history channel docs... this will help, believe me. :)

Madame X said...


I like this meme!
Very interesting.

SignGurl said...

*pinch* so cute!

SignGurl said...

I just saw your new profile picture. It's brilliant!

Natalia said...

You said sharks...I love you.


Chrissie said...


thats cool

JMai said...

Oooh Christmas presents... very delightful! I know it's 82 degrees out, but I feel a Christmas post coming on.

Snow White said...

I like this one, DZER... I might have to steal it! Great lists!! xox

Kristen said...

Good point Dodger.......very good point

Pyrhonik said...

Ditto on the sharks.

snavy said...

Dinosaurs are a big fav of mine.